The most romantic holiday of the year is just around the corner and has identified the best vacation for you and your zodiac sign! Here’s a round up of the best options based on your horoscope – fire, water, earth and air.

romantic vacation

Each trip is priced nicely at under $1,000 for two!

Aries, New Orleans, LA

new orleans, louisiana
With a “live in the moment” attitude and a positive mindset always, the Ram is a force to be reckoned with. So, no lounging around a pool with a piña colada for you! Aries needs to get out there and experience big things. For you, we recommend New Orleans – the Big Easy. There’s always something interesting and new around each corner and the food, culture and excitement will keep a Ram on his or her toes – just where you want to be.

Airfare: Round-trip flights from Miami or New York on Spirit are available for $285.

Accommodation: If you’re going to New Orleans, you’ve got to stay in the French Quarter. The Bourbon Orleans has rooms available for just $210/night.

Leo, Las Vegas, NV

las vegas, nv
Attention-loving (some might say seeking), and always playful Leo brings the drama as the most expressive sign of the zodiac! Since the party follows Leo wherever he or she goes, we recommend a sparkly Las Vegas weekend away for you and your honey. While you’re there, you might win a little money!

Airfare: Flights to Vegas are always nicely priced. This weekend is no different – Spirit will get you there from Los Angeles (LAX) nonstop for $123 or you can fly Virgin America for $196.

Accommodation: We highly recommend the 5-star boutique Aria Resort & Casino. The spa is state-of-the-art and the dining is delicious. There’s a relaxing and tranquil pool (with private cabanas) to pamper you, and you can basically cocoon yourself in luxury for the entire time you stay and never have to leave the property. It’s a weekend fit for the king of the jungle.

Sagittarius, Mexico City, Mexico

mexico city, mexico
“Go big or go home” must have been penned by a Sagittarius – the worldly Archer has a thirst for exotic travel and new experiences of every kind. With that it mind, we think that a trip to Mexico City might scratch that adventurous itch. Mexico City is a huge, modern metropolis with adrenaline-pumping adventure activities, sophisticated cosmopolitan restaurants and hotels, and ancient Mayan ruins to explore.

Airfare: Inexpensive flights from LAX on United are available for Valentine’s weekend. Snap these $224 fares up quick!

Accommodation: Most accommodation in Mexico City is discounted these days, so why not splash out on the 5-star Hyatt Regency Mexico City in the shopping neighborhood of Polanca for just $145/night.

Taurus, Phoenix, AZ

phoenix, az
Taurus star signs are basically known for being super stubborn – the Bull is the most stalwart and steadfast sign of the zodiac. Taurus is a careful and low-risk traveler, which makes a destination like Phoenix such a perfect pick. Phoenix is low stress – easy airport access, beautiful weather, no traffic and a ton of familiar activities to recommend it. There’s golfing, world-class resorts and delicious local dining (as well as more familiar chain restaurants)!

Airfare: Around $150 nonstop from San Francisco (SFO) on United.

Accommodation: Taurus likes a traditional pampering, so we think the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Arizona Biltmore is a perfect choice for this romantic weekend. Rooms start at $350/night.

Virgo, San Francisco, CA

san francisco, california
Straight-edged Virgo seeks perfection. With all eyes fixed on improvement, the Virgin is quick to point out the flaws in any sitch. You’ve got to hand it to Virgo – it’s first-class all the way. For that reason, we think San Francisco is a perfect match for this picky Penny. San Francisco offers iconic landmarks to visit, white glove, old school service at its best hotels and some of the finest dining this side of the Pacific. Also, it goes without saying that San Francisco is one of the most romantic towns in the world.

Airfare: It’s a bargain to fly from Seattle – just $117 round trip on United or $127 on Virgin America.

Accommodation: The Fairmont San Francisco simply oozes classic San Francisco style and service. The hotel perched high atop Nob Hill, is a Georgian dream of a 5-star hotel. Rooms start at $299/night.

Capricorn, Chicago, IL

chicago, illinois
Classy and reserved, Capricorn lives by the “play hard, work hard” ethos. So for you, we’re offering the pinnacle of VIP service in a city that simply oozes style and class – Chicago! Some of the finest restaurants in the world are in Chi-town and the city’s architecture is some of the most impressive we’ve seen around the globe. We also think the old school unpretentious glam is a great match for our dear little Goat.

Airfare: Nonstop flights from Dallas are less than $100 round trip on Spirit or just $109 on American.

Accommodation: With airfare being such a steal, you can afford to splurge a little bit on some really tony digs. The 5-star Peninsula Chicago along the Miracle Mile offers luxurious and refined romance, just like you Capricorn. Rooms start at $399/night.

Gemini, Washington, D.C.

washington dc
Gemini are seekers – “always be learning” might be the best way to characterize Gemini’s approach to life. The Twins are a social sort – so a vacation with lots of possibilities for hanging out with people is probably the best option. Since Gemini’s also live for variety, we think that Washington, D.C. might be the perfect town for a romantic getaway. There’s history around every corner—you could spend the whole weekend simply wandering around the Smithsonian! But D.C. is a fun town as well – the many bars and neighborhood hangouts should scratch the Gemini’s social itch. The airfare and hotel prices are so low, you can really afford to crank up the dining magic.

Airfare: Flights from New York are under $100 on both JetBlue and United.

Accommodation: The 5-star Park Hyatt Washington is right on picturesque DuPont Circle right in the middle of all the hustle and bustle. As a bonus, it’s only $269/night.

Libra, Maui, Hawaii

kauai, hawaii
Libras are all about balance – the sign that represents both the head and the heart – and always strive to keep harmony and equality at the fore. There’s no other place in the country that strikes such a mix other than Hawaii. Maui is a romantic dream you’d be lucky to have at any time of the year – but as the wedding capital of Hawaii it sure has earned its romantic bona fides.

Airfare: Nonstop flights from LAX (and most gateways on the west coast) on Hawaiian Air are under $500.

Accommodation: The Royal Lahaina Resort on Kaanapali Beach is a $335/night steal (for Hawaii). Kaanapali beach is where you’ll find most of the big hotel chains, so you’ll want to head south to Wailea to get extreme luxury. The Grand Wailea, is a Waldorf Astoria Resort and will set you back $579/night. But since we know you’re all about the balance Libra – you can choose the right option for you.

Aquarius, Los Angeles, CA

los angeles, ca
The worldly Water-bearer puts the world and the people in it at the center of his or her life, often making decisions and choices that give back to the community. The ideal vacation for an Aquarius must include a bit of philanthropy and the ideal of giving back to those less fortunate. Los Angeles is a great town to explore this idea as there are many amazing charities where you can volunteer your time when you’re not enjoying the gorgeous natural scenery, beaches, nightlife and fabulous hotels.

Airfare: Nonstop flights from New York on Delta start at only $262.

Accommodation: The Chamberlain West Hollywood ($330/night) and the Mondrian in Hollywood ($369/night) both have sexy, rooftop pools, which is where we should always start when booking a romantic weekend in La-La Land. You’ll experience 5-star people watching and never be bored if you stay in the heart of L.A.

Cancer, Lake Tahoe, CA

lake tahoe, ca
Cancer is a lover not a fighter, but will always fight for who they love. Since this passionate sign prizes the cozy and comfortable, we thought a great destination for the Crab would be Lake Tahoe, CA. Lake Tahoe is a wonderful cold-weather spot, with all of the winter sports like skiing and snowboarding (if you’re into that). It also has a warm vibe guaranteed to stoke those passionate fires.

Airfare: You generally fly to Reno to get to Lake Tahoe (it’s about an hour drive from the airport), and you can get reasonable round trip flights from LAX ($234 on United) or Portland ($255 on Alaska Air).

Accommodation: Stay at the Tahoe Lakeshore Lodge & Spa to get the best of both worlds – the spa life with pampering and lounging and the lodge life (hot toddies anyone?). Rooms start at $158/night.

Scorpio, New York, New York

new york, ny
Scorpio is the deepest sign of the zodiac – If you have a friend who has no time for small talk he or she is probably a Scorpio. As such, this star sign likes to delve deeper – no light holiday for this sign. You’d be a fool to discount New York City as a surface destination – though plenty of people visit and never get too deep. We know that won’t be Scorpio. There’s no better city around that calls out for peeling back the layers than New York.

Airfare: Flights from LAX on Delta are just $237 and are just $95 from Chicago on Spirit.

Accommodation: A classic New York hotel is The Plaza. Rooms at the 5-star property start at $440/night. The 4-star Gansevoort Park Avenue is a great value at $244/night.

Pisces, Portland, OR

portland, oregon
Pisces would like to live in a world of imagination and dreams, where he or she can be unshackled from the dreary and mundane daily grind. Therefore, for Pisces we recommend a bit of whimsy and quirk. Portland is just the ticket. It’s got a small, stylish walkable downtown, the best used bookstore in the world, delicious coffee culture, and a ton of flair.

Airfare: On United, San Diego to Portland flights are $150 and from under $300 from Newark.

Accommodation: We’re recommending the Nines, a luxury hotel in the heart of downtown Portland. Rooms start at $259/night.

We hope this post gives you and your significant other some starry inspiration for Valentine’s Day 2018! More ideas for a romantic V-Day can be found here.

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