Cool Ways to Spend Your Cryptocurrency on Vacation

From time to time we like to check in and give our crypto customers information on the vendors around the world who take digital currencies.

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While the lion’s shares of businesses still accept Bitcoin more than most other currencies, others are making inroads, as they get more popular with investors. Here are a few ways you can spend your crypto when you’re on the road.

Feeling Homesick in Germany?
It’s exciting that Burger King is trying to get into the game, albeit their strategy to date has been a little curious. A couple of years ago, the worldwide fast food chain decided to start accepting Bitcoin – but only in Russia. That didn’t get much interest, so they discontinued the practice. Now, Burger King just announced that they will accept payment in Bitcoin in Germany. So if you’re feeling a little homesick when traveling in Deutschland and you want to spend some BTC, you’ve got a place to pick up a Whopper.

Spedn for Road Trip Snackin’
A cool new app called Spedn has just made spending your crypto at brick and mortar retail establishments a lot easier. Baskin Robbins, Caribou Coffee, Whole Foods and Jamba Juice are all on board and accept bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum and gemini.

Here’s how it works. The app generates a QR code that you scan at the point of sale. The merchant receives payment immediately in dollars and the equivalent amount of cryptocurrency is debited from your wallet in the Spedn app. If it takes off, look to many other retailers to get on the fast track to adoption. For now, you’ve got a few options for snacks while on the road.

Check Out the Hotel Product
Though we’ve been taking crypto since 2013 and we sell a lot of flights to our loyal digital customers, not everyone knows you can also pay for hotel stays on Here’s why we think we’re doing it better. A handful of hotels around the world accept crypto for direct payment, but let’s face it – those hotels are few and far between and they mainly still accept Bitcoin.

CheapAir has more than 200,000 hotels around the world in our inventory that take crypto, and our prices are very hard to beat. Make your hotel search easy and check out some of your properties next time you need to book a room.

Where You’re Going, You’re Going to Need a Map!
Use a map app that will show you where local businesses around the world accept your cryptocurrency of choice. Our favorite for BTC is CoinMap because it uses crowdsourcing to identify bitcoin-friendly businesses for travelers. The interface shows you coffeehouses, cafes and restaurants with simple, user-friendly icons to click.

Plan to hit a Crypto-Friendly City
If you’re committed to an all-crypto vacation, some cities are way ahead of the curve. The top 5 crypto-friendly cities in the world are Prague, Buenos Aires, San Francisco, Madrid and New York. Now, this is not taking anything away from places like Zurich and Silicon Valley – where blockchain businesses have been embraced with open arms. We’re just talking about cities where you as a traveler can reasonably expect to find a decent number of businesses in the city center where you can spend your crypto.

Sometimes crypto moguls need some travel advice. If you’re one of those high rollers, check out our post on how to spend some of your piles of cash.

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