Could air travel actually be getting easier?

  • March 19, 2010
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United Airlines’ announcement this week that they will allow flyers to check-in with their phones at certain airports (no paper boarding pass required) makes you wonder.  Is flying actually easier than it used to be?

Could air travel actually be getting easier?
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I know that sounds crazy because it’s pretty much generally accepted that flying has become an absolute nightmare.  But has it really?  Yes, taking off our shoes is a pain and some other TSA rules are laughably pointless.  And, yes, today’s planes are crowded, seats are small, and many airline “service” personnel are apathetic or just pathetic.

But how much better is it that now we can check-in for our flights through a kiosk, on-line, or, increasingly, through our phones?  Remember when we actually had to wait in line at the ticket counter before each flight?  Automated check-in is really an enormous improvement that has been lost in the shuffle, with all of the other more negative things that have happened over the course of the last 10 years.

There’s still plenty to complain about and so tomorrow I may kick myself for saying  this.  But, for now at least, I actually feel like flying is easier today than it was pre-9/11.

Do you agree?

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