Booking a flight or a hotel stay has never been so simple. Sure, you can be a traditionalist. Once you’ve chosen your flights, just pull out your credit card and complete your transaction. Old school works just fine. But did you know you have other payment options when you book flights with CheapAir?

creative ways to pay for flights
When You Can’t Pay Online
It used to be, when you didn’t have a credit card, you’d have to go to the airport and pay for your tickets with cash. It can be inconvenient and let’s face it – kind of shaming. CheapAir offers a simple solution for folks that can’t pay online, but who have the money to pay for flights up front.

Simply select your flights and choose Western Union as your form of payment on the checkout page. Then, promptly head to a Western Union office to pay for your flight or flights (the fares aren’t guaranteed until you do).

When You’re “Over” the Dollar
Another option you have with CheapAir is to pay for your flights (and many hotels) with cryptocurrency. Digital currency enthusiasts and investors like it for many reasons, not least of which is their belief that it’s the money of the future.

If you’re considering getting into the crypto game, you probably know about the grand-daddy of them all, Bitcoin. We wouldn’t be in the game if we didn’t take bitcoin, so of course we do! We also accept Litecoin, Dash and Bitcoin Cash. To pay with your digital currency is a straightforward proposition. Just choose Bitcoin & Alt Coins at checkout and then select your particular digital currency.

A pop up with additional directions will open and will instruct you how to complete the transaction. Keep in mind that there may be a delay while the funds are transferred and verified.

When You’re a Little Short on Cash
Most of us have been in the position of scraping together the funds to pay for a flight when we didn’t expect to have to pay so much or when a last-minute emergency pushed us to put a flight on the ole’ credit card.

These days, some travelers don’t even have a credit card. It’s said that up to a third of all Millennial travelers choose not to live on any sort of credit. But that makes the above scenarios that much harder to navigate.

CheapAir has come up with a solution to allow travelers to book now, and pay later on flights and hotels for their trip. You can choose 3, 6 or 12 month terms depending on your particular circumstances.

To buy a flight with monthly payments, simply choose “monthly payments” at checkout. You’ll be redirected to our lending partner, Affirm, where you’ll go through a real-time approval that takes just a few minutes. You provide your full name, mobile number, email address, date of birth, and the last four digits of your social security number. You then find out if you qualify for monthly payments and can quickly complete your flight purchase!

Through the years, we’ve put our customers first and we continue to come up with innovations that make the booking experience better. Check us out and try one of our payment options for your next flight!

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