Destination: Maui, Hawaii

By Annie Shustrin

Maui is a destination that always seems to be on everyone’s short-list. Whether you plan on driving the road to Hana or spending all your time on the sand, Maui has activities for all types of travelers.


There is no shortage of golden sand on Maui. On all sides of the island you’ll find miles of beaches with different styles and activities.

Kapalua Bay, Maui

Kapalua Bay, a crescent shaped beach on the northwest corner of the island, is a perfect spot for snorkeling and swimming as it hosts very calm waters.

Charley Young Beach, Maui

Charley Young Beach, right in Kihei, is a great place for small waves and a picnic. The beach is wide and flat, which is good for big groups and the views over the rest of the island and out to Lanai are stunning.

Makena, Maui

Makena Beach (Big Beach) is one of Maui’s best beaches. The water here is vibrantly blue even though there is often a fairly strong undertow and good surf for body boarding. For a snack, check out the food and shaved ice trucks that hang out near the parking lot.

Island Activities

Haleakala Crater, Maui

Haleakala, Maui’s star volcanic attraction, is the premiere spot on the island for sunrises, sweeping ocean views, and adventure tours. Whether you drive yourself up to the crater, sign up for the downhill bike ride, or take a day hike into the crater itself. A trip here will be a highlight of your Maui experience.

Snorkeling in Maui

Snorkeling in Maui is a popular activity as the waters are clear and coral reefs flank all edges of the island. Even right off the beaches, there are colorful fish, interesting coral formations, and plenty of green turtles to spot. If you want to head out to Molokini, a small sunken volcano right off the coast of Maui, there are plenty of snorkel tour options, with some trips include a snorkel in Maui’s main turtle hang outs, Turtle Town.

Surfing and Paddle boarding are popular water sports in Maui as well. On the northern side of the island, you’ll find some good breaks for surfing. However, paddle boarding is more suited for the rest of the island where waters and breaks are fairly calm.

Where to Stay

Ka’anapali Beach, one of Maui’s most famous beaches, is not to be missed. Celebrities and travelers alike share this particularly long and golden strip of sand in west Maui. Accommodation options range from condo rentals to swanky resorts and feature easy access to water sports and snorkeling.

Kihei, Maui

Kihei has a much more relaxed and local vibe than the areas near Lahaina and Ka’anapali. There are plenty of budget options here included plenty of apartment and house rentals. Don’t forget to hit the farmers market and grocery stores for picnic lunches or sunset dinners at the Kamaole beach parks.

Maui is the ultimate beach destination for all types.

CheapAir Travelers – have you visited Maui? Where did you stay and what activities would you recommend?

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