A few weeks ago there were a bunch of journalists and regular folks on Twitter in a heated discussion that centered around this very question. To be fair, it’s long been a debated topic. We can’t speak for every industry, of course, but we can tell you a little about what’s going on in the travel space and why we love Bitcoin bookings. Let’s break it down.

Not a lot of retailers accept Bitcoin or other digital coins

At first, Bitcoin was the new kid on the block and no one accepted it for payment anyway. CheapAir.com took a chance on this upstart way back in 2013, and we haven’t looked back. In fact, we’re still one of the few online travel retailers who accept digital currencies for payment. But our success with Bitcoin caused us to branch out and accept other digital coins as well.

We value our bitcoin customers

Over the years we’ve cultivated a nice little corner of the crypto world – working with bitcoin investors to pay for their vacations in BTC. Our crypto customers appreciate our willingness to offer them a digital coin option for payment, and facilitate those bookings in a seamless, easy secure fashion.

We don’t stop there. Our crypto customers know they can count on unparalleled customer support. Our stateside travel advisors help troubleshoot problems in real time for all our customers.

CheapAir.com considers itself a partner with the crypto community

CheapAir prides itself on offering customers choices – for their travel plans as well as choice for forms of payment. We know there are a variety of customers who prefer to pay for their travel in a number of ways. Just as we offer monthly payments for those who don’t have or want to pay with a credit card, we saw a need and decided to fill it.

Over the years, we’ve had our challenges with finding a payment processor. And when we’ve had those challenges, the BTC community rallied around us and even crowdsourced solutions.

Do people actually book travel with bitcoin?

While the group of travelers who book flights and hotel with crypto isn’t enormous, it is active. People who invest in cryptocurrencies do appreciate the vendors who will accept their coin for payment. We continue to add coins and tokens to the family of coins we accept, and see crypto as an asset to our brand. We offer payment choices for different kinds of customers. So when people out there in the Twitterverse are skeptical about whether people book, we can say (with authority) that they certainly do.

Do market fluctuations affect our Bitcoin sales?

That’s an easy answer. They most certainly do. When bitcoin valuation is up, up, up – so are bitcoin sales. When BTC is down, we have less profitable days, weeks and months.

What’s next for crypto and CheapAir.com?

It’s hard to say exactly where we might take things next, but we’re always looking to add other digital coins to the stable of currencies we’ll accept for payment. The majority of our bookings from crypto are still with BTC, but we’re always looking to expand and offer other coins a seat at the table.

If you’d like to read more travel crypto content from us, drop us a line in the comments below. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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