Etihad Airways unveils World’s First Private Cabin Jetliner

Can’t afford to charter a private jet? Etihad Airways, the national airlines of the United Arab Emirates, has the next best thing: the world’s first private multi-room cabin on a commercial passenger aircraft. It’s about time — flying first class is so overrated.


Aptly named “The Residence,” the uber-luxe, 125-square foot cabin features a living room, double bedroom, an ensuite shower (because bathing at 30,000 feet in turbulence seems like a good idea) and in case you need anything, and we mean anything at all, during your flight, there’s a Savoy Academy-trained butler. Your butler’s sole purpose during this flight is to cater to your every whim, down to your catering order with the on-board chef who can provide a range of gourmet a la carte meals or custom menus.

The downside? The Residence is kind of close to the first class cabin (It will be located on the forward upper deck of the airline’s new fleet of Airbus A380s.). But at least when the private cocoon of opulence you’ve been enjoying gets a little tiring, you’ll have easy access to the airline’s First Class offerings including the new on-board lounge, even if it does mean mingling with those other ticketed passengers.

The living room in The Residence features a dual-seat reclining sofa–upholstered in Poltrona Frau leather (say what?)–plus a chilled mini-bar, ambient and mood lighting, and in-seat massage functions. Once you’re done relaxing in the living room, step through to the master bedroom’s Poltrona Frau-upholstered 82-inch long double bed, rest easy and arrive at your destination feeling recharged, re-energized and a little less wealthy. PS–no overhead bins here, just under-bed stowage for your hand luggage.

The Residence is fully wi-fi enabled, features two televisions and is equipped with the latest Panasonic eX3 entertainment system, all controlled by video touch screen and handset so you will barely have to lift a finger. On second thought, just call the butler over to tend to mundane tasks like posting a status update from the comfort of your luxe leather massaging recliner.

We aren’t saying this is completely over-the-top and ridiculous. In fact, we see at least a few uses for such an extravagant and opulent in-flight experience: globe-trotting celebrities. With no word on how much tickets will cost, we’ll continue to dream and wish.

How much would you pay for a personal residence on-board your next flight?


  1. I’m going to Italy in September and looking for the cheapest flights/dates. Trip length between 10-15 days, flying out of Chicago/Indianapolis and into Rome/Florence/Milan. Trying to keep the flight time below 15-16 hours. Any thoughts on best flights?

    1. Hi Luke,

      Since you’re pretty flexible with your dates of travel and cities, I would recommend using our MapSearch. The CheapAir MapSearch will allow you to enter your home airport(s) and see a map of destinations and fares. If you scroll over Italy and click on a city and the fare, you’ll be shown a calendar of airfares showing the cheapest days to fly. Please let us know if you need any assistance with finding flights.

  2. This is insanely awesome…now If I could hook up my ps4 or computer to the tv I’d pay for the Jet and not the ticket.