Flying cars: no longer a thing of the future

  • April 4, 2012
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Good news, friends: We are officially living in the future. It may have come a little later than we expected, but Flying Cars are finally a reality.

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A Dutch company has announced the first successful test flight of a prototype machine known as the PAL-V (Personal Air and Land Vehicle).

The PAL-V is part car, part motorcycle and part helicopter. On the ground, the petite vehicle drives on three wheels, two in the back and one in the front. The driver sits in a fully-enclosed cabin, but the PAL-V can lean into corners like a motorcycle, with the aid of a hydraulic suspension system.

In the air, things get even more interesting. Flight is powered by two rotor systems, one in the back and one on top. The rotors extend out of the vehicle when it’s time to fly, and fold away neatly once you’re back on solid ground. The PAL-V needs a runway stretch of just 540 feet to take off safely.

According to its Dutch creators, this futuristic hybrid can drive and fly at the same speed: around 110 mph. A single tank of fuel will take you about 350 miles in the air, and roughly double that distance on the ground.

This all sounds like a lot of fun, yes? But before you get too excited, here’s the bad news: If and when these vehicles finally make it to the production stage and hit the market, you can expect a retail price of over $250,000.

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