We had a good run, didn’t we? Today, we’re sad to bring customers the news that GoCoin has shut its doors, effective immediately. What does this mean for CheapAir.com?

cryptocurrency gold coins

Well, for the short term we’re back to being a business that accepts three digital currencies – Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum. This isn’t the end, however, for our other favorite crypto coins (DASH and Litecoin). We’ve been an advocate and evangelist for the entire crypto ecosystem going back to prehistoric times! (2013, when we first started accepting BTC). We’re still using our own homegrown solution built with BTC PayServer technology in order to accept BTC – so nothing’s changed there. We’ve just put the other currencies on pause while we regroup and come up with a processor that works best.

We promise to keep you informed as we consider new payment processors and come up with a solution that fits. In the meantime, we hope you are staying safe and consider booking travel with BTC, BCH and ETH as you get back out there traveling the world.

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