Let’s face it. Inflation has been a story for much of 2022, and by and large, travel costs have also spiked. But when we set out to analyze flights to Europe, we were pleasantly surprised. In fact, cheap Europe flights are more available than we expected!

We reviewed over 24 million airfares to Europe to identify the current trend in airfares and how much those have changed since the same time last year. Here are our findings:

How much is an airline ticket to Europe going to cost you in 2022?

Our data shows that the average lowest international airfare to Europe is down 15.1% from last year. Last year, flights to Europe departing from cities across the U.S. averaged $1,070. This year, that lowest average price is $908. This means flights to Europe are cheaper.

europe airfare decreaeses in 2022 map

Which European cities offer the best savings and why?

The top 3 cities with the biggest savings were Milan (21% less than 2021), Munich (19% less than 2021), and Brussels (18% less than 2021). Somewhat interestingly, these are all business centers in Europe, but a bit less popular for leisure travel. Milan, Munich and Brussels are all situated at excellent entry points – with well-connected low-cost airline options, as well as rail options to the rest of the continent.

Other popular cities for leisure travelers with excellent fares right now include Barcelona (17% less than 2021), Venice (17% less than 2021), and Budapest (18% less than 2021). Even very popular gateways like London (10% less than 2021) and Paris (9% less than 2021) have seen an overall drop in prices. It’s great news for travel to Europe.

One happy byproduct of the lower airfares might be the willingness of travelers to spend a little more for comfort on that long, transatlantic flight. If an Economy airline ticket to Europe can be yours for under $1,000, people might consider a little extra legroom and spring for a preferred seat or Premium ticket. This is not something we usually advise for Economy shoppers, but a lot of people have been waiting to take a big trip for a few years now, and might enjoy a little more comfort on a long flight.

What exactly does this mean? Can we all expect to get an airline ticket for under $1,000?

Not exactly. These are averages, so we are looking at the prices overall when we aggregate the top markets in the United States that people fly from, and we aggregate the top European cities travelers like to visit. There are variations depending on where you live. To get a more nuanced (and tailored) idea of ticket costs look for the city where you live in the graphic below.

Which cities offer the best departure value?

Airfares to Europe are cheaper from almost every U.S. city, with the exception of flights from Boston and the New York area.

airfare to europe from various US markets in 2022

How can travelers keep flight costs down to Europe?

Even though the fare trends to Europe look favorable, to get the best chance of a low cost airline ticket in 2022, you should plan to shop and book early. This will increase your odds of getting one of the lower fares.

If you do plan to travel in the summer months, late summer is going to give you a better price. You can look at CheapAir.com’s Europe Summer Flights page to view a calendar with all of the best dates highlighted. Even better? Fly in the shoulder season of September and October. Veteran travelers know that Europe is a dream in the fall months, with nice weather, and the summer crowds long gone.

You can also consider monthly payments to help take a trip and pay over time, and make use of CheapAir.com’s free Price Drop Payback program. We’ll give you back up to $100 a ticket, should your fare go down after you purchase. We’re here to help!

Here’s a quick reference for tips on how to get the best airfares to Europe:

    • Start your search early and look at the best time to buy flights for each city to understand the airfare landscape
    • Book your flights on the early side to lock in a “good” flight price
    • Spread out upfront costs with monthly payments if that helps your budget
    • Protect your purchase with Price Drop Payback in case airfares change

This report covers Europe airfares from top U.S. markets. Check back soon for more insights for travelers coming soon from CheapAir.com.

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