Have you ever booked a seat on a flight, showed up on your travel day and been told the seat was no longer available? Been promised a window seat but then get moved into an aisle without one? And who hasn’t seen their bags go missing or get delayed? Well, in the past there were limited expressed protections for air travelers in these situations. It seems this might be changing soon.

Basically, the Biden administration has tasked the head of all governmental agencies to create policies to make businesses more competitive, and many of the policies proposed for the Department of Transportation center the customer experience.

This is very good news for air travel customers, especially right now while we are all being asked to accept a more limited level of service due to the pandemic. We’ve always been somewhat at the mercy of the airlines when services promised were not delivered. Many people, in the stress of a lost luggage situation, are so happy to get their bags back that they don’t even press the airlines to refund fees paid.

Frequent fliers should keep their ear to the ground on developments underway. We’ll keep our customers informed of any new policies that could help make your future flight experiences better. 

What do you think about the idea that future flights might have built-in protections for you if services promised and paid for are not delivered? Please sound off in the comments below!

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