Health Tips for Business Travelers

Getting to travel for work is a great perk that people now look for when seeking a career. If you love traveling, it’s exciting to be able to see new cities while you’re doing something else you love – your job!

man on airplane with neck pillow and headphones relaxing

However, if you travel frequently you know that it can sometimes take a toll on your health, so it’s important to take proactive steps to counteract the adverse health effects of frequent flying.

1. When you travel for work, it generally means you are going to meet clients. If you’re representing your company, looking your best is a must. Start an in-flight skincare routine so you can be fresh and ready to take on the workday as soon as you land. Airplanes are a dehydrating environment, so equip your carry-on with things like hydrating masks, brightening eye cream, and face mist. These things will keep your skin constantly hydrated regardless of your time in the air!

2. Traveling means a lot of time spent working remotely at airports, on airplanes, and in hotels. All of this time spent on your computer can actually be damaging to your eyesight. If you ever feel more frequent headaches coming on or that your eyes are more dry when traveling, that can be the effect of blue light emitted from your computer. Blue light glasses are available as an option for business travelers because they help block damaging rays from reaching your eyes.

3. While traveling, it may be hard to stay on top of your normal fitness routine. Whether you’re used to going to Crossfit classes weekly or miss walking your dog at home every morning, there are plenty of ways to maintain your health while traveling away from home. Utilize your hotel’s gym to work out or explore the awesome new city you’re visiting on foot. Get those steps in!

4. Your mental and emotional health should also be a priority while traveling. Working away from your usual space will already be a likely stressor, but if you’re traveling to make a presentation or participate in an important meeting, this can cause a stress spiral. Support your mental health by meditating, taking time to practice gratitude, or bringing along an activity like reading or drawing that helps keep you relaxed.

5. A byproduct of lengthy business travel may be that your sleep schedule gets disrupted, especially if a time difference and jet lag are involved. If you want to feel your best while working, be sure to keep your sleep routine as regular as possible. While flying, use a neck pillow to help get comfortable and even consider taking a sleep aid gummy to ensure you get a head start on beating jet lag! Then, when you arrive at your destination, immediately adjust yourself to the local time zone. Be awake and active during the day, this will help you fall asleep faster at night and stay asleep for longer. You’ll be refreshed and ready to take on any work and meetings the day ahead holds!

Traveling for work should be a perk, not a pain! By prioritizing your health while you travel you will consistently feel your best. In turn, you will be able to represent your company well while in a different city and stay productive while working remotely!


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