Hero pilot retires

Captain “Sully” Sullenberg, whose heroic landing of a US Airways jet in the Hudson River captivated the nation last winter, has retired after 30 years of flying.

In an age where there’s plenty to by cynical about, Captain Sully’s skill, professionalism and humility were absolutely inspiring.

Hero pilot retires
Photo courtesy of www.nydailynews.com


I remember watching that footage over and over and being so proud to be part of the same country (heck, the same specie) that produced such an incredible hero.

Best of luck, Sully.  And thanks for the memory.


  1. Captain Sully Sullenberg, your Flying experience proves to be of the very highest. You’ll always be a Hero for your proven skills . I wish you the best always for the many lives that you saved. I wish that you could stick around alot longer to keep our skies safer. Could you become a Safety Instructor & teach others your knowledge. God has you wrapped in his wings forever.

  2. Wow, Capt. Sully I read your book and what a pleasure only wish i could have flown with you. I spent 10 years with Eastern Airlines and now the owner/operator of 4 oil change centers. I hope and pray all is well with your family, and I wish you the best. Good Day Jimmy Chattanooga, Tn