How can I be sure I’m getting the lowest airfare?

Well, the short, frustrating answer is that you can’t know for sure. The airlines are notorious for keeping passengers on a roller coaster of seemingly-constant fare changes. In fact, the average airfare changes a total of 71 times before the flight departure date.

price drop payback

Crazy frustrating! The silver lining is that we feel your pain and have created a bit of insurance for our customers to try and alleviate some of this stress. It comes in the form of a little feature we like to call Price Drop Payback.

It’s actually pretty straightforward. If the price of your itinerary goes down at any time before your trip, we will pay you back the difference in a travel voucher credit for future travel to the tune of up to $100 per ticket. That’s it! It’s that simple. No one else offers this buyer protection program, and our hope is that knowing you’re armed with this in your back pocket will help you breathe a little easier when trying to make that all-important “when to buy” decision. We’ve been satisfying customers with Price Drop Payback since 2011. It’s one of our favorite secret weapons.

Here’s how to track the changing fare once you buy. Navigate to the My Trips section of to retrieve your itinerary. From there, with one click you can check to see if your purchased fare has gone down. If it has, we’ll issue you a travel credit immediately. You can check your fare as often as you like. It’s fast, easy and free.

Click here for complete terms and conditions and be sure to let us know if you have any questions. Oh! One more thing. We think informed customers are happier customers. We’ve been cooking up a “When to Buy” study for a few years and we highly recommend reading it to get a better idea of the best timeframe to buy. You can read all about the best time to buy flights in 2017, based on your travel needs.

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