Got a tax refund coming? It’s a great time to book your next trip. With airline and hotel ticket prices on the pricey side, you should consider earmarking that refund for hotels and flights. A tax refund is a great way to cover those larger travel costs. In this post, we share some strategies for booking reasonably priced trips, as well as options for payment on

Reference the When to Buy Study

We highly recommend reading through CheapAir’s Domestic and International airfare studies. These handy reports show you the best time to buy airline tickets. Using them can save you money on most travelers’ biggest expense.

Leverage CheapAir’s travel advisors for help when you need it

When you book airline tickets and hotel stays on, you are supported by travel professionals who can help answer any questions you may have after booking. A travel advisor will also assist you with problems like canceled flights on your travel day. Our seasoned team is located in the continental U.S. and skilled at troubleshooting even the most complicated travel issues.

Book flights and hotels with cryptocurrency

CheapAir accepts Bitcoin along with a carefully curated selection of digital coins for payment. If you’re someone who lives outside the U.S. and doesn’t have an American address, this is the only way to take advantage of’s low airfares and easy-to-use shopping experience. If you prefer to bank or invest your tax refund, maybe tap into that digital currency as an alternative.

Pay for your flight and hotel bookings with monthly payments

If the upfront vacation costs are still daunting (even with your tax refund in hand), you can break them up into more reasonable portions when you use the monthly payment option. Just choose your flights and hotel stays, and when you check out select “monthly payments.” After a short approval process (and no hard hit to your credit), you’ll be given a few different options for payment terms. Read all about the process.

Count on Price Drop Payback to protect your price offers a bit of insurance with every airline ticket you buy. Our Price Drop Payback guarantee greatly reduces stress around the best time to buy. Price Drop Payback, included with every airline ticket, will return up to $100/airline ticket should the price drop AFTER you buy.

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