If you’re a college student trying to find cheap flights for Christmas break, the experts at CheapAir.com have some excellent suggestions in our annual Holiday Flights Report

You’ll want to start shopping early when looking for flights home for Christmas break. It’s never too soon to start your research!

Book Christmas Break flights early

Though it may seem too early to be planning for winter break, the early bird usually gets the worm in travel planning. Don’t leave your plans to get home until the last minute, when those late to the party will be scrambling. Trust us. Start the search now. You’ll be glad you did.

CheapAir is the authority on the best days to travel for Christmas Break. Flights for Christmas creep higher as we move towards the end of September. By October, the best airfares are often long gone, since airlines hold a small number of seats at the best rate – and bargain shoppers like students often purchase early in order to snag those limited fares.

Do your research for Winter Break and consider the best dates to fly

If you are planning to fly, you should also take a look at the Index for assistance in choosing the best travel day of the week and overall best dates to fly. For example, if you’re headed home for winter break and can avoid flying on the weekend, you can often score better airfares. 

Departing and returning on a Tuesday is going to be less expensive than leaving school on Friday and returning on a Sunday night. Get a little creative. Maybe you can flip the switch on your powers of procrastination, turn that paper in early and get yourself out of town early!

Consider a fly now pay later airline ticket for Christmas Break

For students, CheapAir.com has a great option to make holiday flights a little more affordable – a fly now pay later option!

Here’s how it works. You can shop for flights, get to the payment page and then click on the “monthly payments” option if you’d like to see if you qualify at the point of purchase.

You can also prequalify for a “travel budget” at the top of our home page so you know in advance how much you can afford and then you have 21 days to commit.

As a college student, your main focus should be your classes while you’re at school and your family when at home. Being a first or second year student can be overwhelming. Proper planning for our winter break now will mean a stress-free run-up to the holidays later in the semester.


Happy holidays!

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