To ensure you have all the information you need to book a safe and healthy hotel stay for your next trip, has implemented a system called “COVID Clean” that identifies which hotels have enhanced their cleaning protocols in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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It’s simple. When you search for a property, look for the “Covid Clean” badge in the upper left corner of the hotel photo. The “Covid Clean” badge is given only to those properties that are verified.

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When you click into the property details, under “description” you’ll see the specific safety and sanitation protocols that earned the property its badge.

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To see a filtered list of all hotels in your destination with the COVID Clean badge, check the “Covid Clean Only” box under “Display Options” in the upper left hand corner of the Hotels search page.

filtered list of covid clean hotels

We also want to be clear that the lack of a “COVID Clean” badge at the time of your search does not necessarily mean that a hotel isn’t safe or has not implemented enhanced cleaning standards. It simply means we are not aware of it at this time. We expect the number of hotels with the COVID Clean badge to climb in the weeks ahead, and we’ll make sure to update our list to include all verified properties so you can book your hotel on CheapAir with confidence.

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