How to Travel Solo

If you’ve ever dreamed of just taking off on your own without a care in the world, you may be the perfect candidate for solo travel. Plus, between varying schedules, finances, and priorities, finding a friend to travel with can be difficult at best. Although it can seem daunting at first, traveling on your own can be one of the most exhilarating, eye-opening experiences of your life. Traveling on your own can make you insanely self reliant and confident. Here’s what you have to take into consideration.

solo travel
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Get the right guidebook

Certain guidebooks are geared towards families, while others cater to those who are only interested in luxury travel. Snag a guidebook like Lonely Planet or the Rough Guides and you’ll find a plethora of listings that are aimed at pleasing the solo traveler from restaurants to hotels.

Talk to strangers

We know your mom told you never to talk to strangers, but in this case we’re sure she’d give you the green light. First off, if you don’t you’re going to find yourself very, very alone and likely bored. Of course you use your instincts and talk to people who seem warm and friendly. If you’re a woman and you don’t feel comfortable talking to random men then talk to another female. But then again, there are lots of stories of love on the road, so keep an open mind!

Eat at the bar

When you’re solo, one of the easiest ways to make new friends is to sit at the bar. Other people are likely to sit next to you and seeing you sitting alone, are more likely to strike up conversation. If nothing else, you can always chat up the bartender for a little conversation.

Avoid Romantic Destinations

Unless you’re masochist, trying to hang solo in a place that’s known more for honeymoons is a recipe for disaster. The nightlife will likely be non-existent and you’ll feel left out as you watch couples canoodling.

Stay at the right hotel

It might not seem like the most important consideration, but don’t be fooled! This one is serious essential. A bland chain hotel might earn you points, but you’ll be enjoying those perks alone. You’ll want to choose a hotel that has an active nightlife scene, communal eating, or revolves around a group activity like yoga or surfing.

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