It’s that time of year again when we promote the most exciting, picturesque and value international vacations for the new year. Here are our picks for affordable international destinations that should be on your radar.

Czech Republic

charles bridge in winter, covered in snow, prague, czech republicThe Czech Republic has been a perennial favorite for beer-loving, hostel-staying backpackers for over 20 years at this point. And in recent years, it’s become a must-see stop on any central European tour. We love Prague for its incredible intact architecture, vibrant culture and reasonable prices. We do recommend visiting in winter or spring, since extremely crowded summers are now the norm.


lush landscape and waterfalls in laosOne Asian destination that still flies under the radar with a lot of Americans is the tiny country of Laos. Laos is an incredible, naturally beautiful place, with adventurer activities like mountain trekking, bicycling and river kayaking. Lovers of the outdoors have an embarrassment of riches in Laos at a fraction of the price typically paid in western countries. Your biggest expense will be airfare from the U.S., but once you’re on the ground expect food, activities and accommodations to be extremely reasonable.


Landscape with Porto Katsiki beach on the Ionian sea, Lefkada island, GreeceGreece remains one of southern Europe’s best bargains. In the summertime, the island nation becomes host to the biggest club scene in all of the continent. It’s moderate weather year-round, ancient sights, and wonderful cuisine make it a perfect introduction to southern Europe’s many charms. Take advantage of often low-cost flights into Athens and relatively inexpensive hotels and food.


Victoria Falls in Zambia and ZimbabweZambia has a reputation for safety on the African continent, which is an important component to consider for most U.S. travelers. It also offers some of the most spectacular safaris for game-watching without the high prices you’ll find in other countries known for safari vacations. The average price of a fully guided safari in Zambia is just $350/night – a huge bargain when you compare to other countries like Kenya and Tanzania.


near South Gate of Angkor Thom in Siem Reap, Cambodia. The biggest draw for many people to Cambodia is Angkor Wat, the largest religious monument in the world. Even though this impressive man-made wonder is on a lot of bucket lists, there’s a ton of other reasons to visit Cambodia, not least of which is its reasonable prices. Cambodian food is delicious and the people are warm and helpful.


Apoyo Lagoon captured as a panorama & seen from Mirador de Catarina.The civil unrest and wars of the late 20th century keep Nicaragua’s reputation a bit muted in central America. We’d like to ask you to take a closer look. Nicaragua’s two coasts make it an ideal vacation spot for scuba and surf aficionados alike. We like this country for affordable international destinations in the Americas. The interior of the country is a lush jungle, with a complex ecosystem and variety of interesting wildlife to observe. All of these natural riches come at a low price for American visitors, and the trave; costs are relatively reasonable when compared to longer flights around the world.


woman in colorful sari dancing in doorway with taj majal in background, agra, indiaIndia is still probably the best-priced vacation on the Asian continent. While it can be overwhelming for first-time international travelers, we love India for folks interested in a cacophony of color, culture, incredible history and fantastic food. Once you’ve arrived, India’s prices for first-class hotels and dining are hard to beat. More budget travelers will find you can still get by in India for much less than most other destinations in Asia.

South Africa

south african savannah at daybreakSouth Africa is known for its modern infrastructure among international tourists, and has distinguished itself as being one of the world’s finest Big 5 safari destinations because of national parks like Kruger National Park and its private game reserves like Sabi Sands, Thornybush, Londolozi, MalaMala, Lion Sands and Dulini. Accommodation is affordable, and food and drinks are very cheap.


View of the Ushguli village at the foot of Mt. Shkhara in georgiaNot many people know that Georgia is considered the birthplace of wine-making, with a history that goes back as much as 8,000 years. But modern travelers should consider Georgia for the land of diverse activities for a nice price. You can swim in the Black Sea, hike the beautiful Caucasus mountains, and enjoy vibrant city life.


Cocora valley trail in colombia

Looking for an affordable vacation in a South American country? You can do a lot worse than Colombia. The country offers passionate people, some of the best fresh fruit and coffee on the continent, astonishing wildlife and two oceans to visit. And Colombia’s price tag for a budget traveler is quite nice.

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