Is 3-D TV coming to your flight?

  • February 4, 2011
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In-flight entertainment has come a long way, and Nintendo is set to unveil a new 3D console that could make it even better.

Is 3-D TV coming to your flight?
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According to a recent AOL Travel article, the new display screens, which will not require us to wear those funky-looking glasses, could fit right in the seatback in front of us.

While Nintendo is not currently in talks with the aviation industry, airlines could potentially use the system to offer glasses-free 3D for streaming video games, movies and television shows typically offered inflight.

Of course, the airlines’ track record for adapting new technology isn’t exactly stellar. Many of the larger U.S. airlines are still way behind the curve with respect to in-flight entertainment.

“Aviation is a heavily regulated industry, and getting approval for new technology as meeting safety and security requirements means that it takes a long [time] to put to market,” Walé Adepoju, chief analyst for consulting firm IMDC, told AOL.

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