Is hotel housekeeping getting phased out? What does this mean for you?

Hilton recently changed its housekeeping policy for all of its “non-luxury” brands. What does this mean? Well, basically you now will “opt-in” to daily room cleaning if that’s your preference.

blond hotel maid opening curtains

For guests staying long-term, rooms will automatically receive a thorough cleaning on day 5 of your stay. Of course, you can still call down for more towels or other room amenities, but if you’re feeling a little less catered to – well, you’re not alone.

Most hotel chains drastically scaled back housekeeping services during the pandemic, and if you squint your eyes and think back to the “before times,” most of us will recall a similar trend. For years now, there’s been a push to limit daily towel and turndown service. Who among us hasn’t seen one of those little ubiquitous cards asking us to have a more green mentality about our towel and linen services?

It’s a little unclear how many people chose to be eco-friendly before. Now, Hilton is making this change as part of official policy. How long will it be before more hotel chains follow? After all, hospitality is feeling a huge hiring crunch, and less service means you need less staff.

When Hilton made this change, they cited guests as the driving force behind the policy. During Covid-19, more people wanted much less contact, and now that things have largely opened back up, Hilton says a sizable chunk of guests simply like things this way.

A lot of national publications also reported this past week that consumers state a preference for a contactless guest experience. But most of these surveys are from summer 2020 when we were at the height of the pandemic. This interesting survey from the American Hotel and Lodging Association, says that two-thirds of consumers do not want daily housekeeping service. But look closely. The survey is from August 2020! How are people feeling now, after having been cooped up with self-imposed austerity measures?

Marriott and Wyndham also signaled they will move to an opt-in model as policy, and with hiring a serious short-term problem for hotel properties, this seems to be a trend that we might see more of in the future.

Let us know what you think in the comments below. Do you prefer “hands-off, no-contact” housekeeping, or will you miss the pampering it provides?

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  1. I recently stayed a week at a Hilton Hotel in Daytona Beach, Florida. The hotel was beautiful but the service was horrible. When you pay $350 per night you expect room housekeeping at least every other day. We had to ask the night before if we wanted linens or garbage removal. We even ended up borrowing a vacuum to clean sand brought in from the beach. This type of policy needs to be changed and soon if these businesses plan on remaining in the tourist industry!!!

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