Many travelers are making more responsible choices and paying attention to how their travel can impact the earth. is committed to doing our part as well. Now, we have a feature on our site that shows you the sustainable flight “green choice” option for every itinerary.

What does “green choice” mean when you’re traveling by airplane?

First, let’s address the elephant in the room. Airplanes put pollutants into the atmosphere. In fact, as most folks now know, carbon emissions are one of the greatest contributors to global warming. But we have to offer practical solutions for people. So we came up with a good way for individuals to do their part. We now offer a “green choice” for every flight itinerary.

green choice flight

A “green choice” flight is a flight that offers relative fuel efficiency compared to the other flights offered for any one itinerary. Usually, a nonstop flight will be the most fuel efficient, but a flight with a layover may also be considered fuel efficient if the distance between the traveled cities is shorter than other options.

What does the “green choice” label tell a traveler?

If you see a flight labeled “green choice” on, you can be sure that it ranks in the top for fuel efficiency for all flights between the two cities you’ve selected. We also tell you exactly how much carbon dioxide is burned per person in an Economy seat on your flight.

What if you’re traveling in Business or First Class? Do we break down the carbon emissions for you?

Because Business and First Class travel takes up more space on an airplane, unfortunately you can assume you’re flying less efficiently than an Economy traveler.

What about electric airplanes or hydrogen fuel? Can the airlines become more sustainable?

They can! And there is lots of work being done by the airlines to move to more efficient, alternative fuels. But we are still years away from this becoming widespread. In the meantime, there are other ways for travelers to make sustainable choices. There are airlines and hotel chains committed to a more sustainable future. Choose to give your tourism dollars to those businesses.

We’ll keep bringing you this important content, so you can do your part. And we’ll keep doing ours, so you can be sure that the flights you need to take are as “green” as possible. Review our help topic on Green Choice to see exactly how you can book a green flight, or check out our tips for more sustainable travel.

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