Japan Airlines brings KFC to inflight dining

Fast food has taken to the skies! In an apparent world-first, Japan Airlines will begin offering KFC as part of its inflight menu.

For a limited time, passengers flying out of Japan can enjoy classic KFC staples like chicken drumsticks, chicken breast, flat bread, coleslaw, and the famous “special mayonnaise.”

Japan Airlines adds KFC
Photo courtesy of 770kob.com

The KFC program, dubbed “Air Kentucky,” is scheduled to run for three months over the winter holiday season, from December 1 through February 28. KFC will be available on select flights from Narita airport in Tokyo, to destinations including New York, San Diego, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, London, Frankfurt, and Paris.

KFC is hugely popular in Japan and other Asian countries, but this is the first time a national airline has partnered with a commercial fast food giant. If the concept proves successful, burgers and chicken wings could become a permanent fixture on airline menus.

What’s your take – is fast food a better option than airline food? Given the chance, would you eat KFC on a plane?


  1. YES. YES. YES. About time an airline has taken a great initiative. I traveled Japan airlines recently and was impressed with the food and level of service. I was in coach and felt being treated like in first class. Way to go Japanese airlines!

  2. That’s an outstanding idea!!!! The airline food we’ve had on most international flights has been terrible, because they try to make the food “too fancy.” Even a plain ‘ol ham or turkey sandwich and bag of chips would be better than what most airlines are presently serving! I’d vote for Pizza Hut pizza too! “Domo” you Japanese folks!!!!!!!

  3. I recently flew the Narita to LAX route and was pleasantly surprised when they were offering KFC. JAL has already great service and food so needless to say this just adds to a great airline…..