We’re excited to announce that flights to Cuba operated by JetBlue are now available for sale on CheapAir.com. CheapAir is the first and only U.S. website with these nonstop flights to Cuba.

Cuba Map

Eligible travelers can now take a flight directly from New York’s JFK to Havana, Cuba, in style on JetBlue airlines with the convenience of online booking exclusively on CheapAir.com.

JetBlue flights depart every Friday between JFK and Havana. You can also book nonstop JFK to Havana with Sun Country Airlines on Tuesdays. Booking online with CheapAir.com gives you the flexibility to fly JetBlue, Sun Country, or combine the two airlines to create your ideal New York to Havana itinerary.

These New York flights are in addition to daily nonstop flights CheapAir.com already offers between Miami and Havana, and twice-weekly flights between Tampa and Havana.

Additionally, CheapAir.com is also proud to announce that today we are launching Swift Air flights between Miami and Havana.

All flights have U.S.-based flight crews and offer Sun Country Airlines, Swift Air, and JetBlue amenities and services aboard.

The first JetBlue flight to Havana takes off July 3. You can be part of history and book online right now.


  1. if I choose to fly Philadelphia to Canada or to Mexico to Havana Cuba do I still need to qualify to be able to visit Cuba?

    • Hi Ana,

      If you are a U.S. citizen, then yes. The 12 reasons for traveling to Cuba are only for U.S. citizens.

  2. I am currently in Cuba, i have a U.S visa (type B). I want to purchase a roundtrip flight from Havana – Miami, can I able to do that?

    • Hi Vi,

      You can refer to Havana US embassy website here: http://1.usa.gov/1fmPyOQ From here you should be able to review what documents are required for travel. Please let us know if you have any questions or need assistance with finding flights.

  3. Hi, I have a good friend from Israel he’s coming for vacation he start the vacation at Cuba and he want to come visit in Miami and I’m trying to book him a flight. The date of the flight its 11/28/15 from Havana,Cuba to Miami or FLL if you can reply me please with available flights I’ll appreciate it.
    Ido Ben David

  4. Hi, I have Peruvian and American citizenship, living in NYC. Not sure which of the 12 reasons I’ll qualify to visit Cuba. Honestly, I just to visit cuba

    • Hi Rosemary, As long as you holds passport from another country, you do not have to qualify for travel to Cuba. You are eligible. It is only Americans who have restrictions. If you were to purchase a ticket through us, you would have to select a reason, but only because our ticketing system is set up that way. There will be no problem for you regarding immigration upon re-entry to the United States. However, please do travel with your Peruvian passport, not your U.S.

  5. Iam a Colombian born, u.s citizen. How can I book a flight from Miami to Cuba? My family is currently living there and I would like to visit (yes they are cuban and iam half cuban). Everytime I search for flights in cheapair it says uh oh our partners do not support this route.

    • Hi there, what are the dates you are searching on? We should have direct flights in the system for January (but your dates may already be sold out). We do not have flights loaded yet for February 2016 and beyond.

  6. Hello-
    I am a US citizen. Do I need to fill out any OFAC form or get a Cuban visa before my trip? Or do I just need to have one of the 12 reasons justified in my head (in case I get asked)?

    • Hi Pat, If you purchase a ticket online with a retailer like us, you’ll need to tick a box that indicates the reason. Otherwise, yes. It’s basically the honor system. Know your reason. 🙂

      • Do you handle obtaining the tourist visas when the ticket is purchased? And do you provide travel insurance?

        • Hi Suellan, Depending on what sort of ticket you purchase from us – it may be covered. For example, if you book a direct flight from Florida or New York, our partner company will reach out to you to assist with tourist card procurement and Cuban health insurance. If you book a ticket with us that routes you through another country (like Mexico), you’ll have to pick up the tourist card there in the airport before you board to Cuba. It’s all very seamless and part of the check-in boarding process. The medical insurance for Cuba can be purchased when you land in Havana (if you don’t have proof of Cuban medical insurance when you get on the flight, you’ll have to obtain it before going through immigration checkpoints in the airport upon landing). Again, it’s all very simple and part of the process for international visitors to Cuba.

  7. How much are flights from NYC to Cuba? I am hoping to travel in March. If you take the Friday flight down, when are there flights back?

    • Hi Lisa, prices to Cuba do vary. Can you share your preferred travel dates in March and I will see if I can get you some more information?

  8. My husband and I, both US citizens would like to visit our daughter who is going to university of Havana. We would like to go for a period of no less than four days no more than a week some time during first two to three weeks in April 2016. We could leave any airport in Florida. Depending on costs it would be for either the two of us or just for myself. I can’t seem to get your prices. My dates are somewhat flexible.

    • Hi Aline, Thanks so much for reaching out to us. I’m sure we can help you with your plans to visit your daughter. The charter company that runs our Cuba flights is promising us details for April this week. We should have those itineraries in our system by the end of the week along with the pricing. Check back with us on Friday! Thanks so much for the question!

  9. I would like to visit /travel with a friend who was born in Cuba and now lives in the US with residency status. I do not want to sign up for a tour since I would like to stay at his family’s home. I am willing to travel with him or from Mexico or Canada to allow me the most freedom from embargo regulations. Please advise. Thank you!

    • Hi Janet, I know that flying through Canada and Mexico (among other countries) is a way to avoid the rules but we can only speak to the legal and permitted reasons for travel for Americans. As of yet, leisure travel is not on the list of acceptable reasons for a U.S. citizen to make the trip. Anything you do to get around the rules is strictly verboten and cannot be addressed on our pages. If you can qualify for one of the reasons found in this post, however, you can probably avoid the logistical challenges: https://www.cheapair.com/blog/travel-news/can-i-travel-to-cuba-additional-information-for-u-s-citizens/. Good luck to you!

  10. I am trying to find costs and dates for direct flights between new York and havana late sept/early October (v flexible re days of travel) but my searches on jet blue and sun country don’t come up with anything. A search on cheap air only shows stop over flights that take at least 9 hours. What am I doing wrong??

    • Hi Rachel, Sorry you are running into problems. We do have flights available, but the problem you’re finding is one we are aware of. Basically, right now is a bit of a transition time for Cuban travel. Commercial flights are expected to resume soon (perhaps as early as September), and once they do we you will be able to book directly with whichever airlines have been approved.

      For now, the Cuban government is being quite conservative with how far out they are letting us book. I can see direct flights through May at the moment, but no further. We should also be seeing flights in June open up very shortly.

  11. im flying to tampa with air lingus and jet blue in december , i want to go to cuba for a week with jet blue as the carrier , i have an irish passport are there any restrictions on me , any help is welcomed

    • Hi Hugh, This is a very interesting time for all of us in terms of Cuba travel. The U.S. and Cuban government have just worked out the resumption of commercial flights into the secondary cities in Cuba (i.e. everywhere but Havana). Havana service is going to be worked out and flight schedules published possibly as soon as August, but certainly by the end of September. There are no restrictions on you as an Irish passport holder (only U.S. citizens have restrictions), so if you can hold out purchasing a ticket until a bit later in the year, you should see regular commercial flights available. I’m not sure if Tampa will have the flights you need, but Miami will also have flights of course, so you should be able to find an itinerary that meets your needs for a lot less than the charter flights cost right now. Keep your eyes on the news in the next few weeks so you can be ready when the flights come on line. Good luck to you.

    • Hi Jorge, I believe you can book flights from Havana round trip on our site, however they are routed through a Mexican or Panamanian airport. There’s not a way to put this together with a direct route (at the moment). Perhaps, when commercial service between our two countries is operational again (due to start running itineraries fall, 2016), things will change.

  12. Any update on direct round trips to Cuba? Especially JFK Havana route? I’d like to visit in October on my German passport.

    • Hi Jorge, There are flights available from JFK to Havana. These flights are not daily, so please search on http://www.cheapair.com/flights to check availability. At the moment, we are still the only online travel agency offering flights so if you search on google.com/flights (for instance) these flights will not show up. Commercial flights are being added to Cuba at the moment, and should be online in the next few weeks. Good luck to you.

  13. I purchased a direct fight from Miami to Cuba. I’m an Italian citizen and I can’t find consistent information about the visa paperwork that I need. I read that American citizens can purchase the Visa at the airport of departure (in my case, it’s MIA). Is that option valid for Italian/European citizens, too? I called your call center but I had no information, they told me they don’t give visa service to foreigners (…). I called the Cuban embassy, but it’s impossible to talk to an operator (that is always on another call…). I read on line, but I want to make sure. Please can you give me more specific information?
    Thank you.

    • Hi Maria, It does look like Italian nationals are required to obtain the Cuban tourist card (visa). The airline you are traveling should be able to tell you if they assist with obtaining the card.

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