Last Minute New Years Flight Deals

Looking to watch the ball drop this year from Times Square and not from the comfort of your living room? Believe it or not, there are still affordable fares to New York (and other awesome New Years Eve destinations around the country). new york new years eve hands in gloves and champagne toast

Check out your options right here. These fares are all bookable right now on

When you’re on the hunt for last minute flights, look at alternate airports to fly into and out of to score deals people aren’t always aware of. Using our “alternative airports” rule to get the lowest fares at busy times, there are quite a few reasonable fares available.

You want to go from Los Angeles to New York? Try these alternate airport hacks that will save you more than $300. Most of the flights in this post are red eye flights leaving late tonight that get you in with plenty of time to get your party going tomorrow.

Burbank (BUR) to Newark (EWR) on American $600 with a layover
Long Beach (LBG) to Newark (EWR) on American $658 with a layover 
Chicago (ORD) to Newark (EWR) on United $446 nonstop
Phoenix to Newark (EWR) on American $563 nonstop

New Orleans is another fantastic city that knows how to celebrate the New Year in style. Here’s how to get there in time for all the festivities on Bourbon Street.

New York (JFK) to New Orleans on Delta $545 nonstop
Los Angeles (LAX) to New Orleans on Spirit $654 with a layover
Denver to New Orleans on Spirit $423 with a layover

If you’re looking for a no fuss, no muss New Years that has great value and with the least amount of stress, Las Vegas might be the best spot you haven’t thought about. Until now! Check out these great deals from all over the country.

Los Angeles (LAX) to Las Vegas on American $239 nonstop
San Francisco (OAK) to Las Vegas on American $492 with a layover
Detroit (DTW) to Las Vegas on Spirit $600 nonstop
New York (EWR) to Las Vegas on Spirit $542 with a layover                                              Phoenix to Las Vegas on jetBlue $263 nonstop
Greenville to Las Vegas on American $600 with a layover
Miami (MIA) to Las Vegas on American $575 nonstop

These are the CheapAir top celebratory spots with the best airfares at the 11th hour. But get creative – sometimes a road trip can be just fun or, you might even consider a nontraditional, less crowded spot to ring in the New Year. And there’s always the staycation option – check out some of our best deals on hotels in your city this year.

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*All airfares for round trip flights on December 30 or 31, returning January 3-5, 2020. Prices are subject to change and based on availability at time of search.

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