Travelers without kids know that summer vacation destinations are crowded with noisy families in restaurants. Those families help create massive crowds everywhere else. If you’re single, what’s a guy or girl to do? May we suggest waiting until after Labor Day? Late summer and early fall offer some of the best weather in lots of normally expensive destinations. This can be amazing for summer vacations for singles without hefty high season price tags.


Late Summer Vacations for Singles

Dreaming of a romantic Italian holiday? September and October are great months to plan. We recommend a tour of the country if you have the time. Start in the north (where a heat wave is less likely) and then finish out your trip in the south, when it starts to cool off later in the month. An Italian highlights trip might include Venice and Milan in the north, Florence, Pisa and Rome in the center of the country, and Naples to the south. Singles shouldn’t miss Rome or Florence – and consider a Tuscan holiday if you’re traveling with a group of friends. You can rent a villa with a swimming pool in the Italian countryside and laze about for days before moving onto to other sights.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Late Summer Vacations for Singles
Not only is New Orleans a city filled with great music, history and delicious food, it is a straight up must-do for single travelers. You can’t help but meet people no matter when you visit, but making your way there outside of Mardi Gras and JazzFest means none of the crowds while still keeping the fun and revelry intact. Trust us. The party never stops in the Big Easy and the already good value of the city is that much more when you travel in shoulder season.

Hawaiian Islands

Late Summer Vacations for Singles
Hawaii is one of the few vacation destinations around the globe that has consistently near-perfect weather. The best time to visit? Without a doubt, September and October offer low-priced flights and hotel stays. In terms of which islands to visit, you really can’t go wrong no matter your choice. Oahu is a great choice for singles, with vibrant nightlife and a general party atmosphere, especially around Waikiki beach!

San Francisco, California

Late Summer Vacations for Singles
People tend to visit San Francisco in the summertime, but locals know the summer weather actually hits in September and October. This city’s famous microclimates are no joke – and neither is the plethora of activities designed for singles. The City by the Bay is filled with watering holes for every taste and style – high or low – there’s something for everyone. You’ve got some of the best restaurants in the country around every corner, and Napa and Sonoma are just a short daytrip away. Grab your girls (or boys) and make some memories!

Asheville, North Carolina

Late Summer Vacations for Singles
Asheville is on our list because of its burgeoning craft beer bona fides and stunning natural scenery. This is the little brew town that could. There are less than 90k people who live in Asheville proper, but there’s no shortage of brewers making quality product for those lucky enough to live here. Of late, Asheville has become somewhat of a hipster haunt, so we advise you to get here quick, before the news gets out.

Paris, France

Late Summer Vacations for Singles
Paris in late summer and early autumn is just as amazing as Paris in the springtime. Parisians are actually sweet people (contrary to popular myth). In late summer and fall, the crowds thin out and the flight ticket prices come way down. Compare flights in July from New York (JFK) for over $1,200 compared to flights in September and October for $320. Plus, you’ll find that the weather is balmy, there are fewer lines at major sites around the city, and even the tourist menus are at a more reasonable price.

Looking for other options? Las Vegas, Nashville, Portland, Atlanta and San Diego are also great cities for singles with reasonable late summer and fall flight prices. You should also check out our best fall shoulder season post.

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