With bitcoin valuation seemingly without limit these days, we thought we’d suggest a few amazing experiences for the discerning btc investor. But be warned – these VIP items are not for the budget-conscious (or mere mortals like most of us). Still, isn’t that what bucket lists are for?

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Read along for some awesome travel dreams that can be yours if you’ve got deep pockets.

Blow Your Mind With White Glove Overnight Service

singapore airlines suite class
Got 8 BTC to drop on your San Francisco to Singapore flight? If so, we can highly recommend Singapore Airline’s Suite class. The suites are outsized and the privacy factor is on point (5.5 feet tall partitions are standard). The staff will accompany you through boarding, remember your name, and offer you designer wardrobe suggestions (Givenchy pj’s, anyone?), slippers, and a top-shelf bar (of course). Snuggle in for your night flight in your double bed (yep, your seat converts) and dream your way across the Pacific. When you wake, you’ll be touching down in style! As an added bonus, you can navigate over to CheapAir.com and pay with your bitcoin on checkout.

Around the World With The New York Times on a Private Jet

cultures in transformation trip
Yup. You heard this right. Luxury tour operator Abercrombie & Kent is flying 50 folks around the world on a 26-day journey they’ve created called “Cultures in Transformation.” You’ll visit The New York Times headquarters and meet the publisher before jetting off to places in the headlines like Cuba, Myanmar, and Israel while accompanied by respected journalists from the Times, staying at world-class hotels, and dining at unique and wonderful restaurants. The trip is limited to the first 50 people who pony up the 114 BTC/$135,000 USD fare and can leave on February 8, 2018.

First-Class Lounge Service That Comes With a Porsche Rental and a Rubber Duckie

Lufthansa first class lounge frankfurt
If you want to exercise your sense of whimsy right along with your love of the good life, you can’t go wrong flying first class on Lufthansa* into (or out of) Frankfurt. Lufthansa’s Frankfurt First Class lounge has all the typical bells and whistles, along with a duo of “nap rooms,” a modern bar and restaurant, a staff of personal assistants waiting to do your bidding, a 3-hour Porsche rental for 99 EUR (including gas and insurance) should you want to joyride around Frankfurt for a bit, and complimentary first-class ducks (look for them near the showers).

Vacay Like a Clooney

villa sola cabiati, lake como, italy
Lake Como has long been a favorite vacation spot for that reformed bachelor rake, George Clooney, and the most coveted villa in the neighborhood might well be Villa Sola Cabiati, the crown jewel in the Grand Hotel Tremezzo’s holdings. This historic property (where you can sleep in a bed that once lulled Napoleon and Josephine to sleep) is only bookable if you rent out the whole property (at an estimated cost of 8 BTC/$10,000 USD/night). Bring the whole gang – it sleeps 12.

Majestic Mountain Trekking in India and Nepal

himalaya trek, jacada travel
Jacada Travel has built its rep on developing bespoke luxury trips to exotic destinations. Our pick for their “best of the best” is a trekking trip in the Indian and Nepalese Himalayas. You’ll start in Kathmandu and finish in Delhi – in between, plan to do some serious trekking in the highest mountains on Earth. Of course, Jacada will get you to and from the treks in style and the accommodations are the best in the world. 11 BTC/$13,000 USD per person.

When Your Carry-On Is Everything, but You’re Not a Showoff

oxer bag, hermes
Nothing says low-key status like the calfskin “Oxer” carry-on from Hermes. The bag is just roomy enough for all of your on-board essentials; has elegant, silver hardware; and will set you back a cool 8 BTC/$10,000 USD. You fancy.

Antarctica Like an Adventure Boss

white desert camp, antarctica
Aside from having a cool website that changes from light to dark along with the daylight in Antarctica, and a “carbon neutral experience that is as luxurious as it is adventurous,” White Desert is the only company in the world doing private jet excursions in Antarctica. So that’s fun. We like the Cape Town to South Pole 9-day adventure that takes in the majestic emperor penguins as well as the furthest point south on the globe. You’ll stay in a cozy, luxury “pod” while at “camp,” and you’re free to tailor the trip with as much or as little activity as you like. Guides will offer you a menu of options daily, something for the citiest slicker to the most adventuresome adrenaline junkie. Prices start at 61 BTC/$72,000 USD.

Rubbing Elbows With Royalty

Mustique, in St. Vincent & the Grenadines in the Caribbean, is home to vacation homes for Princess Margaret as well as Prince William and Kate Middleton. You may not have heard much about it though, because the British royal family likes to keep a low profile while vacationing there. You too can experience this stunning island if you can do two things: somehow wrangle an invite (you must be a guest of “the island” to stay there), and pay the estimated 17 BTC/$20,000 USD/week price tag.

Book a First Class Apartment in the Sky

etihad the residence
Etihad Airways introduced “The Residence*” in 2016, which is quite literally a three-room apartment suite (living room, bedroom, and bathroom) on a commercial airplane (Etihad’s A380). The living room has a sofa and 32” flat screen, the bedroom is outfitted with Italian linens and another 28” flat screen, and the bathroom has matching bathrobes, luxury amenities, and a full-size shower. Did we mention the experience comes with your own private butler? You can book it if you’re traveling with someone between Abu Dhabi, London, New York, Sydney, Melbourne, Mumbai, or Paris, and can pony up the fares (which start at 19 BTC/$23,000 USD these days).

Family Glamping

moonlight camp, missoula, montana
Maybe you’ve got kids and you think you’re doomed to KOA-style accommodations. Well, au contraire mon frère! The Resort at Paws Up just 35 miles from Missoula, Montana, wants you to know that they’ve got a stunning glamping experience on offer, especially for families. Moonlight Camp is situated at the foot of Lewis & Clark’s famous “Lookout Rock,” and comes with your very own camp cook and camp butler. Loads of family-friendly activities are included with your reservation, but the real draw is nature and the camping experience, without losing the amenities of a luxury hotel. Rates start at around 1.2BTC/$1,400 USD a night.

We know what we’re spending our bitcoin on. Do you? Please feel free to share other luxury items in the comment section below. We adore bitcoin bucket-list items.

*CheapAir.com accepts bitcoin for flight payments and many hotels upon checkout. 


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