We’ve been crunching the numbers to bring customers the best days to fly to Europe this summer. Now, we’re looking at the best destinations for the cheapest flights, using up-to-the-minute data. 

Without further ado, here are the cheapest entry points to Europe for summer 2017.

Dublin, Ireland

dublin, ireland
Ireland offers stunning natural beauty, rich culture, a cosmopolitan capital city, and a warm citizenry, proud of their roots. Travelers return from Ireland with no shortage of stories new friends, excited to share a pint with a stranger or two from abroad. In short, it’s an extremely fun place to visit with a wide variety of activities to satisfy every taste.
Don’t Miss: You can make a pretty decent argument that visitors to Dublin shouldn’t come to the city without a visit to the Guinness Storehouse. Admission is $15 for the basic tour.
Flights: From Newark on Aer Lingus for $656, from Los Angeles on WOW Airlines for $450, from Chicago (ORD) on Aer Lingus for $631.

Moscow, Russia

moscow, russia
If your summer vacation plans are skewing more toward the far eastern edge of Europe, you might want to consider Moscow for a fascinating jumping off point into exploring Russian culture and history. The weather is perfect for visitors in the summer, and you’ll find Moscow to be a much more glamorous place than you might expect. Most tourists will want to take in Red Square, St. Basil’s Cathedral and the Kremlin.
Don’t Miss: We highly recommend Moscow’s Free Tours, which are always led by local guides and cover a range of historical topics. If you like the free tour, you can sign up for a low-priced Communist Tour, a Kremlin Tour or even a Metro Tour.
Flights: From JFK on Aeroflot for $649, from San Francisco (SF0) on Finnair for $805, from Washington, D.C. on Turkish Air for $961.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

amsterdam, netherlands
Amsterdam is a perennial backpackers favorite. It has world-class art museums (the Van Gogh and Rembrandt museums come immediately to mind), the Anne Frank House, the beautiful public Vondelpark, and the “coffeeshop” scene. As a bonus, affordable Amsterdam is perfectly situated to explore western Europe by rail.
Don’t Miss: In a city already heralded for freewheeling weirdness, you might want to check out one of the many museums dedicated to ephemera and oddities. You can drop into the Katten Kabinet to visit a collection dedicated solely to cat art in all its permutations, the Museum of Torture or even the Museum of Mutants. Round it all out with a visit to Electric Ladyland, the world’s only museum dedicated to the art of fluorescence.
Flights: From Seattle on Delta for $771, from Philadelphia on Delta for $736 and from New York (JFK) on Icelandair for $447.

Paris, France

paris, france
Paris might not come immediately to mind as a budget destination, but the frequent flights from the U.S. to Paris make it an affordable and central entry point to explore much of western Europe. Read about tips for a budget Paris trip.
Don’t Miss: The macabre delights of the Catacombs where you can visit the skeletal remains of an estimated 6 to 7 million Parisians buried 20 meters under the city.
Flights: From New York (JFK) $448 & Los Angeles $567 on Norwegian Air, from Miami on Tap Portugal for $534.

Manchester, England

manchester, uk
Manchester might be best known for it’s legendary musical scene, so if you’re flying to northern England, you should definitely plan to take in the vibrant scene that still exists there today. Manchester is also very well connected to the rest of Europe through the low-cost air carriers RyanAir and easyJet. You can book a flight onward from Manchester for reasonable airfare on either of these carriers.
Don’t Miss: All things football! That’s soccer, not American football. Manchester United and City are the legendary cross-town rivals, but to truly understand football culture in the U.K., you should check out the National Football Museum and immerse yourself in the game.
Flights: From New York (JFK) on American for $559, from Atlanta on Aer Linger for $729 , and from Boston on TAP Portugal for $587.

London, England

london, uk
London is a perfect gateway to the rest of Europe, because it has three regional airports (Gatwick, Luton and Stansted). These three are great places to catch a low-cost flight on easyJet or RyanAir to anywhere on the continent, and you can also take the +/- 3 hour Eurostar train to Paris for a reasonable price. Check out our tips for London on the Cheap as well.
Don’t Miss: Platform 9 ¾ in King’s Cross tube station if you’re a Harry Potter fan. You can’t take the Hogwart’s Express, you muggle, you. But you can get a taste of the magic, and we certainly recommend you do.
Flights: From Los Angeles on United for $573, Newark on Air India for $481, and from Chicago on SAS for $712.

Milan, Italy

lake como, outside of milan
Milan is the business and fashion capital of Italy, situated in the northern part of the country. While romantic travelers to Italy all want to take in the Tuscan countryside, the canals of Venice and the sweeping ancient history of Rome, Milan’s more modest charms are often overlooked. Climb the 150 steps of the gothic Duomo to get a bird’s eye view of the city or visit the Leonardo Da Vinci masterpiece, The Last Supper before heading out to explore the rest of amazing Italy.
Don’t Miss: Dining on an elegant historical tram while it tools around the city is a once in a lifetime experience that should not be missed. It’s a bit of a splurge at 70 EUR, but we think it’s well worth the price.
Flights: From Washington, D.C. (IAD) on Turkish Airlines for $748, Seattle on Lufthansa for $770 and from New York (JFK) on Air Berlin for $590.

Frankfurt, Germany

frankfurt, germany
Slightly stodgy Frankfurt is never going to win the cool kid prize in Germany (that prize seems firmly in the grip of Berlin), but it does have one thing to recommend it – cheap airfare from nearly anywhere on the continent. Frankfurt is the financial center of Germany, and therefore sees a ton of business travel from all around Europe. This keeps fares low pretty much year round.
Don’t Miss: The Black Forest and the stunning countryside surrounding Frankfurt.
Flights: From New York (JFK) on Lufthansa for $700, from San Francisco on SAS for $753, and from Miami on AirCanada for $910.

Madrid, Spain

madrid, spain
Madrid is a big, messy, brash city, somewhat less romantic than Barcelona, with a ton of sights to visit and loads of world-class dining and bars to entice foodie travelers. You can visit world-class museums like the Prado and Reina Sofia, or wander around smaller, more avant-garde galleries scattered all over the city.
Don’t Miss: Whatever you do, take time to while away an afternoon on the main square, the legendary Plaza Mayor. Have a coffee, people watch, write a postcard. The Spanish truly know how to enjoy life. When in Rome…
Flights: From JFK on Delta for $621, from Detroit on American for $750 and from Los Angeles on Aeroflot for $880.

Brussels, Belgium

brussels, belgium
Brussels is one of those great little cities we love so much. It doesn’t have a huge number of “must-see” sights, but is nonetheless a relaxing and genuinely authentic place to visit. There’s delicious food, beautiful architecture and quirky shops around every corner. Brussels, in fact, is a great place to kick off a whirlwind trip around Europe and an easy city to return to at the end of a big tour before jumping back into real life.
Don’t Miss: Brussels is kind of famous for junk food – waffles, chocolate, pomme frites, and beer. Need we say more? Tuck in, tourists!
Flights: From Chicago on WOW Airlines for $650, from New York (JFK) on Brussels Air for $650, and from Boston the shockingly low price of $350 on WOW.

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*Airfares include taxes and fees and are valid as of 6/14/17 on select dates between 6/25/17 and 9/30/17. Lowest fare seats are capacity controlled and may not be available on every airline, flight, or date. Fares subject to change without notice.


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    I saw your article about how far in advance to book tickets domestically in the US and I was wondering if you have similar advice for when to book tickets within the EU. My sister and I are planning to travel summer 2018 with a really tight budget and we’re not sure if we should start booking now or if there’s a sweet spot we should wait for. Thanks!

    • Hi Sarah, Unfortunately since we are based in the United States, at the moment most of our flight data is for outbound North American travel. We do have questions like yours more and more frequently, so we may be doing some additional research as our customer base expands. I can offer some generalized advice that translates across borders. The low cost airlines are still the best value as long as you’re comparing apples to apples and are aware of what “no frills” really means. The time you buy your flight can also impact flight cost. Mid-week flights are generally a better value than flights going into the weekend.

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