Meet the CheapAir Team: Interview with Lucy

Lucy has been with CheapAir for 13 years (yes, you read that right, 13 years!). Lucy oversees CheapAir’s ticketing and operations. Her colleagues question whether she ever actually sleeps, given that she responds to emails at 6am, 1:00am, and every time in between. She knows more than anyone on the planet about airlines and ticketing and all their rules and policies. She’s our problem-solver-in-chief and does particularly heroic work every time a storm or ash cloud or government furlough wipes out a few hundred flights.


CheapAir: What do you like best about working here?

Lucy: Working with great people, from the newest ticketing or support agent all the way to the CEO.

CheapAir: Where do you want to travel to next that is on your ‘bucket list’?

Lucy: Somewhere south of the equator… Rio de Janeiro during Carnival or during the Olympics sounds especially exciting!

CheapAir: You’re known in the office as the music aficionado. What is your favorite type of music?

Lucy: Opera is my current obsession. However, I like all types of music, indie/alternative, hip-hop, pop, country, regional Mexican music, show tunes, etc. I need variety and usually find something l like in all genres.

CheapAir: So, what’s the one thing that you always have to pack when you leave town?

Lucy: Clean underwear. =)

CheapAir: What’s your favorite product or website feature that CheapAir offers?

Lucy: I’m an app addict! Plus, I’ve been privy to some of our upcoming enhancements!

CheapAir: What’s a pet peeve that you have about traveling or plane rides?

Lucy: As soon as the plane lands, sometimes even before the plane is at the gate or the seat belt sign goes off, I don’t get why people immediately get out of their seat and try to cram the aisles. Even those sitting towards the back of the plane in a middle seat. It’s usually at least another 15 minutes before the flight attendants give the go ahead to deplane and then those in the front will squeeze in ahead anyway.

CheapAir: Finish this sentence: A perfect Saturday would be spent…

Lucy:  Relaxing in the morning, maybe catching up with my DVR, then having an early dinner with family or friends and finally going to some sort of entertainment such as a theater or music show.

CheapAir: What’s your favorite food?

Lucy: Guanajuato-style enchiladas.

CheapAir: Los Angeles is so big – what is a favorite spot or site of yours, or hidden gem?

Lucy: The Hollywood Bowl on a musical summer evening.

CheapAir: Do you have a travel tip that you’d like to share?

Lucy: Set a realistic budget but allow yourself to indulge. I research discounts and free things to do wherever I plan to travel. However, at some point I’ll pay for a great experience. To me, visiting a historical attraction, watching a show in a celebrated venue, enjoying a nice local meal, etc. are worth the expense and part of the reason of why I travel.

CheapAir: What did you want to be when you were young “when you grew up?”

Lucy: I wanted to be a comedian but I’m too shy.

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