Mexicana suspends all flights

Mexicana Airlines, teetering on the edge of insolvency for weeks, has announced that they are suspending all flights indefinitely, effective at noon on August 28th.  This includes both their international and domestic flights.

Mexicana suspends all flights
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The airline says it will try as best it can to rebook passengers on other airlines, but it’s hard to say how serious of an effort they will make.

If you have purchased a Mexicana ticket and your flight is cancelled you can apply for a refund using their on-line refund form.  If you need assistance, feel free to contact one of our representatives.

It is possible that Mexicana will resume service at some point.  A group of investors purchased the airline last week.   A spokesman for that group called the transaction “the first step in order to establish the conditions that will eventually allow for a process of restructuring.”  Tough to say what that really means so all in all it’s a very unfortunate predicament for travelers.

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  1. The incompetent bastards didn’t even bother to notify the travelers who had already booked with them of the shutdown either by e-mail or phone. I had to find out when I arrived at the airport the day of my travel. And no other airline is taking Mexicana’s passengers. The airline is not even giving a date as to when they’ll be reimbursing the ticket. They’re stating that “possibly” between now and December 15th. Very poor handling of their situation!