Looking for an affordable beach vacation or a convenient weekend city getaway? While Hawaii is always a crowd pleaser, it’s quite a trek to get there – especially from the east coast. Exotic spots like Fiji and Phuket, Thailand are even more remote. You want a safe vacation close to home, with all the amenities you enjoy in the States. You’re in luck! It could not be a better time to visit Mexico.

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Many Americans return to their favorite Mexico destinations year after year. If you haven’t yet taken the plunge yourself, we have some helpful suggestions for every kind of traveler.

Cancun/Playa del Carmen

cancun, mexico
If you like your destinations low on logistics and travel planning stress, consider Cancun. Cancun is king of the all-inclusive resorts and that makes planning as simple as it gets. On top of that, the entire region is an adventurer’s playground. You can visit Mayan ruins on the cliffs above Tulum, explore the many cenotes (natural swimming holes) that dot the entire region, or even hop a boat to Cozumel and experience world-class diving. Accommodation prices range from the very basic and budget all the way up to 5-star status.

*Nonstop flights from Los Angeles to Cancun on United for around $250 all winter long and from San Francisco for around $320 on United.


tulum, mexico
Just down the road from Cancun sits the little town of Tulum. Tulum is a destination that truly commits to blissed out minimalism. With most eco-resorts on a strict low tech mandate – no television, no Wi-Fi, no air conditioning, you might think there’s not much to do here. But that’s precisely the point. The scenery is stunning, the dining rustic, the drinks are cheap and the vibe is relaxed to the max. Europeans have been flocking to Tulum for decades, but millennial Americans are making Tulum a must-visit spot for the stressed-out young professional. Leave your iPhone at home and stay for a while.

*Nonstop flights from Los Angeles to Cancun on United for around $250 all winter long and from San Francisco for around $320 on United.

Puerto Escondido

puerto escondido, mexico
The more off-the-beaten path traveler might seriously consider a visit to Puerto Escondido. This well-kept secret is a little piece of paradise found on the southwest pacific coast of Mexico in the state of Oaxaca. Puerto Escondido is extremely affordable, catering to a motley mix of surfers, backpackers and Mexican families rather than the typical resort-loving American traveler. Rooms can be rented for under $50 a night, though even the more mid-range casitas typically rent for less than $100/night. Food and cervezas are low-cost as well, and the surf is primo.

*Connecting flights from Denver to Oaxaca on United/Aeromar from around $450.

Cabo San Lucas

cabo san lucas, mexico
Californians in search of an easy and convenient vacation have been flocking to Cabo for decades. Cabo San Lucas has subsequently developed quite a rep for being a fantastic place to party and relax. A-list celebs flock to the upscale resorts all winter long. You might be surprised who swims up next to you at the bar. We recommend luxury lovers stay in and around Cabo, while more adventurous souls should venture further afield. The deep sea fishing is some of the best in the world in Baja, and many visitors charter their own boats to get a taste of the fishing life. Bottom line, Cabo San Lucas offers pristine beaches and plenty of activities for the daytime hours. At night, the city comes alive with clubs and bars lining the streets. Margaritas, anyone?

*Flights are a bargain right now. Nonstop from Los Angeles to Los Cabos on United for just $199 and from Seattle for under $300 on United.


merida, mexico
You’ll be forgiven if the name Mérida doesn’t immediately ring a bell. Mérida is not a Mexico beach destination, it’s not a party destination and you’ll have to change planes in Mexico City to get there. So why go? It’s an up-and-comer on the Mexico tourism scene for Americans, though the rest of the world has known about it for quite some time. Mérida is steeped in colonial and Aztec history, its cobblestone streets are charming squared, and it’s got tourism infrastructure without being a tourism trap. This is the kind of town that’ll totally sneak up on you. Just go.

*Flights from Los Angeles to Mérida on United/Aeromar for $350 and from Dallas from $322.

Mexico City

mexico city, mexico
No round up of Mexican destinations would be complete without mention of the capital, a vibrant, teeming cultural Mecca filled with fantastic restaurants, Aztec ruins, colonial architecture and world-class shopping. You mustn’t miss the Centro Historico – the historic city center and heart of Mexico City or the Zócalo (the largest square in Latin America). Shoppers will spend hours in the Polanco neighborhood, and Frida Kahlo fans will want to visit her home and museum in Coyoacán, where she lived for many years with her partner, the famed muralist Diego Rivera.

*Nonstop flights from Los Angeles to Mexico City on United for $220 well into the new year and connecting from El Paso through Denver for $289.

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