New feature: A faster way to search for flights

We’re excited to announce a new feature on that gives you another easy, convenient way to search for flights by using natural language–the way you would naturally talk or type—instead of a cumbersome search form. We call it Easy Search and you can find this search option right on our homepage.

CheapAir Easy Search

Here’s how it works: Just type a simple sentence or phrase that describes the flight you want into the search field and you’ll quickly see the best results.

By using Easy Search, you can avoid the “classic” travel search form with its numerous fields, calendars and boxes. Instead, you can simply type something like, “L.A. to New York on July 3rd, back on the 10th” and allow Easy Search to do all the work. Even better, if you know your city or airport codes you can use them instead of typing out the full names, and you can also abbreviate the dates. For instance, you can start the same L.A. to New York search just by typing “lax nyc 7.3 7.10”.

CheapAir is the first online travel site to offer customers a time-saving tool like this. We’re constantly trying to make searching for flights simpler and less frustrating, so please check out Easy Search and let us know what you think. We welcome all feedback.

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