Derrick Broze is on a one-man mission to educate citizens how to opt out of the systems he believes hold us all captive. He’s currently in the midst of a cross-country road trip designed to bring his message of decentralization to the people; he’s a journalist, and a bit of a self-described auto-didact. Derrick took some time out of his busy schedule to discuss his relationship with Bitcoin and how he sees it as a means to an end – freedom for all. Here’s our introduction to Broze’s world.

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Hi Derrick! Can you tell our readers a bit about your Bitcoin journey and what brought you to the world of cryptocurrency? What is it about Bitcoin that captured your interest?

I first heard of bitcoin around 2012 through other activists. I started participating when one of my journalism outlets offered to pay me in BTC. My interest comes specifically from my desire to do business without giving any money to the state.

Can you talk a little bit about your career as a journalist and activist?

I started activism and writing in 2010 when I created The Houston Free Thinkers activist community. By 2012 people were offering to pay me for my work. I didn’t go to school for journalism, I simply have a genuine interest and curiosity which drives my work. I have written for several websites. My work has been featured on RT, Al Jazeera, and local news in Houston. I now write for Anti Media, Activist Post, and Mint Press News. I also run my own network, The Conscious Resistance.

Can you detail a bit of how bitcoin/cryptocurrency impacts your life and how you see them as a part of the overall “decentralize” message?

I am able to buy my flights for journalism or speaking events using bitcoin. I sell my books for bitcoin and try to pay whenever possible. On the Decentralize Your Life Tour we are using the BitPay card to pay with BTC as we travel. This is important to the message because it allows individuals to exchange goods without feeding the state.

Why is this tour important and what do you hope to accomplish?

The tour is an important component to my activism because this is the solution. Rather than focusing your time on protesting, fighting within the system, or voting, we can actually create the freedom we want in our lives. We do this by unplugging, decentralizing, and opting out of the various systems whereever possible. My goal is to help spread the concept of Freedom Cells. If anyone wants to learn more they can visit

We’re in the middle of a pretty volatile time for BTC. We saw a record high in value about 30 days ago, and now we’re in a bit of a valley. What do you tell people who’re skittish about getting involved?

The value may rise and fall as BTC, and crypto in general, find their place among the state’s currencies. The value for me is the freedom of exchange and not paying taxes. If that interests you then it is valuable at any price point.

Can you share a bit about who inspires you in the Bitcoin space?

I am inspired by John Bush and Cat Bleish, two of the first people to get me involved in BTC. Also by my friend Sterlin Luxan, who is doing great work to promote BTC and crypto at large. I am inspired by other inventors and thinkers out there who are working on the next-generation solutions using the blockchain.

Activism can be all-consuming. What do you do in your time off to decompress? What are some of your passions outside of politics/activism? What three books should every American read and why?

My work consists of things I get paid for (writing articles) and lots of work I do because I believe it is important but do not get paid for (touring, books, videos, interviews). When I make time to get away from all of that I like to ride my bike and be outside. I like to travel. I am always reading. I am also a musician. Three books that every American should read are my books, The Conscious Resistance trilogy! Download them for free here.


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