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“Bitcoin Rush” has a passion for crypto currency that’s no joke. This passion has morphed and evolved, and eventually called him to create an online news program that educates newcomers as well as shares innovations with the community’s movers and shakers. He’s always got an eye on the future – which might partially explain his decidedly futuristic online persona.

bitcoin rush

In any event, we enjoyed chatting with him about bitcoin for a bit and we encourage you to check out his latest episode online and follow him on Twitter!

Hi Rush! Can you share a bit of your personal backstory and how you came to/discovered Bitcoin?

I’m an artist, political activist, tech fanatic and trader: a crypto news show to bring knowledge about cryptographic technological developments to the community, introducing all types of crypto related businesses and innovations came naturally to me. BitcoinRush just celebrated its 3rd birthday. January 2014 was the beginning of an amazing opportunity: being part of making tech history. I went to the first Bitcoin Job Fair here in Silicon Valley in May 2014, meeting and interviewing Andreas Antonopoulos and many other entrepreneurs at this time. The fair was overwhelming and I became fascinated with the future of finance through blockchain technology.

As a crypto journalist, can you talk a little bit about how the current political climate relates to BTC? In other words, where do your viewers (and yourself) see the free market/shared economy discussion going in the Trump era?

I don’t believe the political climate will change the progression of bitcoin and Crypto in general. As we all know, BTC is a decentralized system independent from any government around the world. Yes, many unsuccessful attempts have been made to interrupt the biggest invention in the fintech industry of modern times, but only to show the true power of non-locality. Currently, the U.S. Senate has confirmed Mike Mulvaney as the new budget director. He has expressed positive sentiments about bitcoin – we’ll see. Again, I truly believe bitcoin will thrive beyond imagination. In my opinion, Fiat currency has been obsolete since the release of the Satoshi Nakamato white paper in October 2008.

Everything has been digitized, from communications to data transfer, digital money like bitcoin and crypto in general is ready now to join the digital community. Bitcoin does not stop!

What are people fired up about these days in the Bitcoin space?

People are very excited about Bitcoin. Everybody with access to the Internet can be their own Swiss Bank (so to speak). Now while we have instant and irreversible transactions, extremely low transfer fees, smart contracts, digital crowdfunding, no paperwork, appreciating value, etc. – it puts tremendous financial power in the hands of all participants. Why send high fee remittances, for example, taking up weeks of delivery going through all kinds of intermediaries, when it takes only minutes with bitcoin for miniscule fees? More and more people are realizing the benefits of cryptocurrencies; it’s only a matter of time for mass-adoption to occur. Yes, people are very excited about moving their money freely.

How did the recent SEC ETF ruling affect confidence in the currency?

Honestly, I see the rejection of the bitcoin ETF rather as a positive signal. It shows that bitcoin can’t be regulated– one of the main reasons people jump on board. Advanced technology is always faster than regulation. Bitcoin is growing very rapidly and what are you going to do about it? The ETF debacle made bitcoin stronger and it’s going to be very interesting to see how it all plays out. I don’t see confidence lost in bitcoin at all; it’s really the opposite. Just look at BTC history.

What challenges do you see ahead for Bitcoin specifically or crypto currency in general? Do you believe Bitcoin will become a revolutionary force across the world?

Bitcoin already is a revolutionary force across the world. What’s happening in Africa, for example, is truly the beginning of a new age of finance. Only about 32.5% of the adult population in Nigeria has access to bank accounts. Now, with the support of smartphone technology, cryptocurrency becomes ideal for adoption. Like MPesa, a mobile money transfer app that allows Africans without a bank account to send money directly, it enables a huge unbanked population to access an affordable and easy payment system. Africa is the first continent to have more mobile phone users than landline subscribers.

You can also look at Japan, where since April 1, 2017 bitcoin has officially been recognized as a payment method. By this summer, bitcoin will be accepted in more than 260,000 retail stores in Japan. The crypto evolution is truly a revolution when people across the world are able to transact their finances independently.

Have you ever used to book any personal or business travel?

Oh yes, since Cheapair started accepting bitcoin it became a preferred way to book my air tickets. It’s easy, fast, fun and a great way of seeing bitcoin in action, experiencing first hand what it means to be on the edge of financial technology.

Aside from Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, what are some of your personal passions? What do you do to unplug, relax, etc.

My personal passion is the current crypto evolution. Really, that is what occupies my days. Major cryptographic technological developments and most types of crypto related businesses and innovations keep my crypto heart pounding. I live in Silicon Valley in California, where the trees bloom all year round and the Pacific Ocean is near. I’m a passionate jogger and yogi, just getting ready again for the next HOT BitcoinRush Show: “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the current crypto evolution.”

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