People of Bitcoin: The Everyman YouTube Personality

Kenn Bosak is a self-described cryptocurrency nerd. He’s probably better described as a self-deprecating enthusiast since he thrives on sharing information about Bitcoin and Bitcoin accessories, while keeping his own non-expert bona fides clearly on display. We had the pleasure of doing a Q &A with Kenn recently.

kenn bosak people of bitcoin

Hey Kenn. Thanks for talking with us. Can you tell our readers a bit about your Bitcoin journey and what brought you to the world of cryptocurrency? What is it about Bitcoin/cryptocurrency that captured your interest?

When I first started looking into investing, I found a lot of barriers to entry. It was difficult for somebody at my income level to profit from trading stocks, so I kept looking. This search ultimately led to cryptocurrencies. The very nature of the easy access to cryptocurrencies is what led me to Bitcoin.

Can you talk a little bit about your YouTube channel and what your long-term goals are? What made you decide to become a YouTube personality? Is this your main focus? Is it a hobby or a career?

My YouTube channel started as a simple way for me to connect with people and answer their questions. I kept getting the same ones over and over, so this became a matter of efficiency for me. Rather then taking the time one-on-one to answer the same questions, I could reach more people and offer the same assistance. Ultimately, the YouTube personality life chose me. People liked my content and kept sharing it to the extent that leaders in the cryptocurrency world were asking to appear on my channel. It has become my main focus, since it has become more profitable than my day job. So now I’m all-in on it. My long term goal is to become the “David Letterman” of blockchain Interviews or the “Ryan Seacrest” of cryptocurrency events.

Since you’re all about sharing information about BTC and educating bitcoin users, can you give us a quick run-down on what exactly someone interested in BTC need to know before getting involved?

My approach is a little unique, I think. You don’t really need to get “under the hood” so to speak, unless exactly how the technology works is of interest to you. Understanding how to use the technology to better your quality of life is where I start. You don’t need to be a mechanic to utilize automobile technology, after all. It’s easier to use than it is to understand. Start the path to understanding by using it.

We’re in the middle of a pretty volatile time for BTC. We’ve seen some record highs and lows recently though it seems to now have stabilized a bit. What do you tell people who’re skittish about getting involved?

Bitcoin technology isn’t complete. It’s a constantly evolving entity, constantly being updated, most recently with segwit. These steps forward towards Bitcoin’s “final form” will continually bring value increases. The next update to look for will be Lightning Network. Understanding what the technology does and how, will restore confidence. Look. The bottom line is that this is a long term Investment opportunity, not a get rich quick scheme. And there’s definitely risk involved.

Since you’ve got your fingers on the pulse of what’s up-and-coming, do you have any recommendations for people if BTC is too pricey at this point for them? Is there a scrappier coin to buy now?

You don’t have to buy a whole bitcoin, so price is in some ways irrelevant (you can buy fractions of a coin). But, if you’re looking for a more affordable cryptocurrency, I like Litecoin. Litecoin is cheaper in price and on the same path as Bitcoin without competing directly with it. Also Litecoin tends to go through these refinements and improvements before Bitcoin, which acts as a catalyst for Bitcoin.

On the practical side, do you use cryptocurrency in your daily life?

I obviously use to book flights with bitcoin. Like I mentioned, I’m all in. I have to use Crypto to survive. To use cryptocurrencies daily, I use a few visa cards to help: Shift Payments and Bitpay. Shift Payments pulls from a cryptocurrency wallet. This avenue offers volatile value based on the market via Coinbase. On the other hand, Bitpay is a top up visa, that pulls from a wallet in U.S. dollars that you top up by selling Bitcoin (not volatile). Depending on how the market is doing, I’ll use one over the other. I also use Localbitcoins where I can sell large amounts of BTC to buy money orders to pay my rent. And I try to find local businesses that accept bitcoin or cryptocurrencies, even if it’s a little out of the way for me. You’ve got to support the businesses who’re taking the time to support it. Airbitz is a great tool to help with this—a directory map that shows all local businesses that accept various cryptocurrencies.

We know you’ve used to book your own travel. How did you find the experience? Is it simple enough?

Booking and paying for a flight with cheapair is simpler than using traditional travel agencies. Since you guys find the cheapest flights and offer side-by-side comparisons, it saves me time hunting for a deal. Plus, by paying with crypto there is no need to type in all my visa information which takes time and comes with the obvious added risk of my personal banking information being compromised.

Can you share a bit about who inspires you in the Bitcoin or cryptocurrency space?

Omar Bham is a personal idol of mine. I really admire his work. He is professional, intelligent and honest. His work personally inspired me to start my own YouTube show. We’ve since become friends.

What do you do in your time off to decompress? What are some of your passions outside of your bitcoin projects?

To be completely honest I’m passionate about recreational marijuana. I use it to decompress and as a tool to overcome my severe social anxiety. As you can imagine having anxiety and being a public figure is difficult, to say the least. But, Bitcoin and blockchain technologies consume almost all of my attention.

Thanks! Kenn really is a guy you’d like to chat with over a beer. If you’re in the crypto world, you just might get your chance. Check out Kenn on his YouTube channel or website.


  1. Ken often talks about Dash cryptocurrency on his YouTube channel. I understand whi process Bitcoin payments for have now integrated Dash for their merchants. Please can now accept Dash? We have a big community ready to buy flights and hotels. Thank you.

    1. Hi there, this is a pretty timely comment – we’re currently reviewing all possibilities and Dash is one of the currencies under consideration.

  2. It would be great if you provided alternatives to Bitcoin, for example Bitcoin Cash. My last ticket purchase with Bitcoin got canceled because it did not confirmed and ended up in a limbo state in support for week.

    1. Hi Jonny – we are working on it (providing more digital currency options). Your point is well taken – we’ll keep customers posted.

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