People of Bitcoin: The Extraordinary Expat

This month we’re profiling activist, podcaster and radio personality, Angel Clark. Angel broadcasts weekly on Wednesdays from 3 to 5 pm EST on the Angel Clark Show, bringing listeners her witty and fresh take on the news of the day. She’s lively, opinionated and is a true evangelist for Bitcoin. Without further ado, let’s get into it with Angel.

People of Bitcoin: the Extraordinary Expat
We’re always interested in hearing a bit about when and how users personally came to Bitcoin. Can you share a bit of your story?

How did I come to Bitcoin? It came to me! I got my first ever Bitcoin at PorcFest (the Porcupine Freedom Festival) in New Hampshire. I was selling Vietnamese Iced Coffee (which is the best stuff ever if you haven’t tried it). I accepted silver, gold, copper, federal reserve notes, and someone taught me how to accept Bitcoin. In fact, I still have some physical Bitcoin I was given at that same event. Imagine, you give someone a cup of coffee, and they give you a Bitcoin! People in the Liberty Movement have been promoting Bitcoin for years, and I’m no different. The technology we will see emerge from Bitcoin is just beginning.

We know that you’ve recently made a big physical move outside the States and were wondering if there is any sort of Bitcoin community in your corner of the world, and if not, if you have any designs on helping foster one?

I now live in Acapulco, Mexico – with help from CheapAir believe it or not! I had lived in Delaware my whole life, and just decided a tropical paradise would be better, so I used Bitcoin and bought my tickets. Turns out, there is a bit of a BTC community here. In fact, I have a friend who bought a house using Bitcoin. As for the helping to a bigger and better BTC community, I’ve always been more of a behind the keyboard kind of gal. I’m working on getting out of my studio more, but these things take time. Maybe one day soon. There is a fantastic festival coming up, Anarchapulco, and a LOT of BTC people will be in town. It’s the perfect time to next level it!

We are also not ashamed to say that we’re missing strong women with a point of view in our column, People of Bitcoin. When we started to dig a little bit deeper into the Bitcoin world, you stood out (along with a few other women). Do you feel any particular responsibility as a woman involved in BTC that might be different than a man might feel?

Women in the BTC movement! There are a lot of us actually, and I would define every, single one I’ve met as a Bitcoin Babe! Smart, capable, savvy women who recognize how Bitcoin is going to change the world.

As for responsibility, I tend to feel responsible for things that I know I had nothing to do with, if I contributed. Here’s an example. The trial started on January 13th for Ross Ulbricht, the alleged Silk Road founder. In my opinion, he changed the world. I spent some time on the Silk Road. Am I therefore responsible for the Government arresting him? For the trial he’s facing? If I pay taxes, yes. That means I’m paying for his cage, his food, the wardens mistreating him. I’m also responsible for the drones and bombs killing people overseas if I pay taxes (in my opinion). This is where Bitcoin comes in. No more taxes. No more horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach, because I no longer pay for the Empire.

Lately, podcasts have been in the news quite a bit and shows like “Serial” have brought podcasts to a wider audience than ever before. How would you characterize your podcast? What makes it different from the rest of the offerings out there? What has been the most rewarding/useful/challenging aspect of podcasting?

I started out at a small radio station in Delaware. Long story made really short, I was fired through a Facebook message. So I decided to get some payback. I started my podcast, and within a year, I had picked up radio stations, and had a larger listener base than the station that treated me so badly!

It turns out the way we get our news as a society is changing. Who still has cable? We can now listen to whatever we want, in seconds, from anywhere in the world! So I have simply managed to find some people that enjoy hearing my opinions. Considering all the options out there these days, it’s an honor.

The most rewarding part of my job? My life right now. Next month marks the 4th year that I worked in radio. After one year, I went out on my own, and started getting stations, fans, engaging people, and building my brand. I am now my own boss, and living in paradise. Took me four years of hard work, but being my own boss and being happy is the greatest reward!

We know you’ve booked travel with us– can you speak to that experience?

I was actually pretty worried about what it was going to be like traveling after booking through Booking was super easy, but I’m an anti-government activist who booked a ticket using Bitcoin leaving the country. I figured the TSA would make me their new best friend. Turns out, the whole thing was a breeze. The only thing I would have changed would be being able to book for my pet through the site!

Aside from Bitcoin, what are some of your personal passions?

I like long walks on the beach, actually. No, I’m kidding. Have you ever been on a long walk on the beach? It’s killer on the legs. I do a lot of reading (and I also narrate audiobooks), I watch a lot of British humor, and I’m a gamer. I spend most of my time when not working streaming sci-fi shows while immersed in fantasy RPGs.

We’re always inspired by intrepid souls, those folks who take a more creative path than the status quo. Obviously, you’ve got those leanings as well. Do you have a mentor or someone who has inspired you in a more hands-on way during your life and career? What drives you?

You’re going to laugh. I get inspired at the most random times. I have a few heroes, but most of them are my friends in the Liberty Movement. I watch them stand up and fight for their beliefs, and it’s beautiful. I spent years talking about police brutality, and three weeks after I booked my ticket to Acapulco, I start seeing protests in the street against police brutality. Watching people say “NO” is pretty amazing. As for what drives me, cruelty. I see a lot of people mistreated, abused, murdered, and I want to talk about it. Lives have value, people have value, every one of us. I try to make sure everyone has a voice.

Lastly, where do you see the most potential for Bitcoin mainstream adoption? This year has ended a bit rough for Bitcoin. We’d like to hear your thoughts on its ‘legs’ so to speak.

A rough year for Bitcoin? I’m sorry, but I disagree. It’s just the beginning for BTC and other cryptocurrencies. I think within the next decade, the world is going to change in ways we can hardly imagine now. Think, for just a moment, about a 3-D printer in every home. How often will you go to the store to shop when you can print out exactly what you want from home? What do you think that will do to the way people are employed? Will companies have as many employees or even brick and mortar stores when 90% of their sales are 3-D printing designs?

We have barely scraped the surface of Bitcoin, cryptos, and all the amazing things that will come from this technology. It’s just the beginning. The world is about to change, and I am so glad I’m on the ground floor! As Nikola Tesla said, “All that was great in the past was ridiculed, condemned, combated, suppressed — only to emerge all the more powerfully, all the more triumphantly from the struggle.”

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