Planning the Perfect Honeymoon

When you’re putting your wedding together, the honeymoon can get marginalized in the process. Don’t let this happen! The honeymoon should be a relaxing and romantic cherry on top of the wedding – not an afterthought. These tips will help keep you on planning course.


Start Planning Early
There are a lot of moving parts to planning your wedding celebration. Don’t leave the honeymoon to the 11th hour. Flights and hotels are something you should lock down early – flights because sitting next to your fiancé is something you won’t want to leave to chance, and hotels because the best rooms sell out early (especially in romantic destinations).

Have a Budget in Mind
Honeymoon costs can get out of hand as easily as any other wedding expenses. Get a head start and know what you’re willing to spend. If you have champagne and caviar taste, you don’t want to cut corners. Your wedding is one night – the honeymoon is often a week to a month of your life. Put some thought into it and cash towards it. If you’re struggling to find the dough, you might look into our monthly payments option. It’s been a great planning tool for many a honeymooning couple.

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Get Your Guests Involved
Many couples wait until they are older and more established to wed these days. One happy byproduct of this trend is that wedding registries have morphed into less traditional forms. A lot of people come into a marriage with all of the basics that the standard registry contains. So you can ask your guests to contribute to a “Honeymoon Fund” in lieu of (or in addition to) the traditional registry and it’s a perfectly acceptable move. We like HoneyFund. Check it out.

Planning Should be a Team Effort
Brides tend to take the lead with most facets of wedding planning, but the honeymoon is one component that requires input form both the bride and groom. The honeymoon is a time after an often-stressful wedding. You want it to be a mix of what you and your spouse love together.

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Give Your Honeymoon Some Space
Don’t feel like you have to leave for your honeymoon on the night of your wedding (like every rom-com of the last 50 years would have you believe). You don’t even have to leave the next morning. If you and the hubs like to get a little tipsy (or a lot tipsy), you might want to give yourself a day or a week to recover. Even better is the trend a lot of couples are doing which is getting married and then going on your honeymoon a few months later! It’s great for couples on a budget, and as a bonus – gives you another milestone to look forward to.

Shamelessly Announce Your Status
It’s weird to us that people often don’t tell their honeymoon hotels they’re on a honeymoon. We like to let the hotel know in advance (if you’re shy, let your maid of honor or best man give them a call, or better yet – email) so the hotel can be aware and go the extra mile for you and your honey. And you should feel to vocalize your newly attached status when you’re on the trip itself. Tell all your waiters and bartenders – why not? Just make sure you tip them nicely if they take care of you. There are very few universally exciting experiences in your life. Let the service people know how happy you are!

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