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JetBlue released an unusual discount deal this morning. You can save between 10% and 40% on the price of a round-trip fare, depending on how many people are traveling in your group. These are the various offers:

– 10% off base airfare for 1 customer — Enter promo code PARTYOF1
– 15% off base airfare for 2 customers — Enter promo code PARTYOF2
– 20% off base airfare for 3 customers — Enter promo code PARTYOF3
– 25% off base airfare for 4 customers — Enter promo code PARTYOF4
– 30% off base airfare for 5 customers — Enter promo code PARTYOF5
– 35% off base airfare for 6 customers — Enter promo code PARTYOF6
– 40% off base airfare for 7 customers — Enter promo code PARTYOF7

Discounted fares are good for travel April 30 through June 19, excluding the holiday period of May 23 – 27. A round-trip purchase is required, and you must book flights by 11:59pm ET tonight.

Read the full details on the JetBlue website.

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