Should I visit my family right now?

With the holidays just around the corner and the country largely in various states of reopening, people have started to ask whether it’s safe to visit family and friends.CheapAir is aware this is a very personal decision, but the experts we know have some pretty simple tips to keeping yourself (and family) safe.

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Social Distancing Even When Visiting
It’s been a tough pill to swallow for a lot of us, but one thing we know is that people will adjust to safety measures. As some of us are widening our social circles, we’re still being asked to maintain 6 feet of social distance between people.

If you do decide to visit relatives, make sure you’ve been healthy and asymptomatic for 14 days prior to travel, and plan to maintain that social distance as much as possible even when attending family gatherings. Infectious disease specialists remind us that some carriers are completely asymptomatic, and for this reason masks can be an effective barrier to transmission.

Know Risk Factors and Plan Accordingly
A lot of people have been limiting or even canceling visits for months with grandparents or those in their family with underlying health conditions. Experts say that risk management is the most important consideration here. While it is true that older people and the immune-compromised are more at risk for severe illness, keeping to social distancing guidelines along with frequent hand washing and limiting the people with whom you come in close contact.

Flying is Safer Than You Might Think
When Covid-19 arrived, the airline and travel industry were hit hard and had to react quickly. To their credit, they did and we now have policies and procedures in place to keep travelers as safe as possible throughout the air travel journey. In addition, the air filtration system on airplanes is state-of-the-art and rivals the systems found in hospitals.

Understand Risks Depend on Geography
Right now there are areas around the country managing Covid-19 better than others. Know the facts on the ground for the destinations you plan to visit. For instance, some states have instituted 14-day quarantines for arriving travelers. Hawaii had been one of these states, but has plans to relax the requirement as of early September if people have a recent (within 72-hour) negative Covid test.

A complete list of states with quarantines in place can be found on Just choose your destination and a travel advisory with the quarantine details will appear. In addition, these advisories are a bit of a moving target. Keep in mind that when you book your ticket the situation on the ground might be different than when you actually plan to visit. Basically, you have to have a flexible mindset on the travel restrictions that could be in place.

Get a Test
Not all municipalities have fast-result Covid tests for travelers, but they are becoming more available. As a peace of mind precaution, if you can get your hands on a test right before you travel and can socially distance while airborne, you’ll be able to be reasonably certain you’re not infectious upon arrival. As these fast-result tests become more widespread, expect more places to lift quarantine restrictions for eligible travelers.

We’re still not pushing people to travel right now, but if you’re considering a trip or two, have the facts on your side. And please stay safe out there!


  1. What about international travel? I need to get to Spain to work on my second home and not allowed as an American from Los Angeles into the country. What can I do? Also do ALL airlines have these new systems? How can I find out? Especially for companies that fly to foreign countries. Thanks

    1. Hi Jacqueline, in some cases, essential travel or travel by legal citizens or residents of Spain may be permitted. You might want to check with the Spanish embassy if you are allowed to travel to Spain if you meet these criteria. Otherwise, the travel restrictions are being updated about every two weeks. You may want to monitor for when travel to Spain will be permitted. If you decide to book now for a future trip, airlines are waiving change fees if you need to postpone. As for airline systems do you mean safety protocols? If so, yes, pretty much every airline has HEPA filters, all have upgraded cleaning, and require face masks. Other policies may vary slightly but at the minimum that is what airlines are doing. Thank you

  2. I’m planning to fly from Las Vegas to San Diego in December. Due to my allergies I’m very concerned about the chemicals they use to disinfect the cabins. I have a very bad reaction to chemicals and they could kill me. How can I find out What air line is safe for me to fly? I know from experience that Southwest is out of the question due to the cleaning products made me deadly sick years ago and I have never flown them! In fact they had to carry me off the plane before we took off. Will I be able to take this trip in December 2020? I’m an old widow 85 years old
    Traveling alone. Also need wheelchair assistance at airport. I use a walker every day. What should I do?

    1. Hi Gerd, Most airlines are using hospital-grade cleaning disinfectants. Some airlines are electrostatic spraying the aircraft nightly. If you need to travel, a few airlines are using UV light to clean instead, Alaska Air, JetBlue, United. But they might be using UV in combination with other disinfectants. Airlines are being very thorough right now with their cleaning procedures. If you know the exact product you’re allergic to we recommend you check with the airline to see if they are using it on your route. If your allergies are that severe to cleaning products, it’s probably safest that you postpone your trip. If you decide to take the trip, getting wheelchair assistance is very easy. If you book with us, just let us know and we will contact the airline on your behalf to secure it. Thank you

  3. Continue to stay safe and have a great weekend! Please wear a mask and keep social distancing! Short term inconveniences will lead to long term successes! God bless!

    1. Hi Jorge, Yes, we have great flight rates. You can check out our website at for airline deals or you can email with the itinerary you want and the dates you are looking to travel. Thanks

  4. I’m planning a trip to Haiti 🇭🇹, I need to know the criteria. Cheap air sent me a message, I tried calling. I just need to what changes the airline are making.

    1. Hi Ruth, I don’t see a booking under your name in our system but you can reply to that email, or email with the details of your booking, and one of our travel advisors will help you with your questions and travel changes. Thank you

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