Spirit Airlines Increases Baggage Fees

  • May 8, 2012
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On November 6, Spirit Airlines is introducing a new pricing system that will see most baggage fees rise by $5 per item. A handful of international fees will be reduced, creating a single set of baggage charges for both domestic and international flights.

Spirit Airlines Increases Baggage Fees
Photo courtesy of www.foxnews.com

The new charges apply to both carry-on and checked bags. There is no change in the fees for sporting equipment and overweight or over sized baggage. You can see a detailed list of the new fees on Spirit’s website.

All baggage fees are $10 cheaper if you’re a member of the $9 Fare Club. Under the new system, members will pay $25 per carry-on bag and $20 for their first checked bag. Non-members will pay $35 and $30, respectively. Spirit will still let you bring one bag into the cabin free of charge, provided it can be stored on your lap or underneath the seat.

In 2010, Spirit became the first US airline to charge for carry-on baggage, attracting criticism from consumer rights groups and angry travelers. The airline has continued to post strong profits since then, but we’ll be interested to see the reaction to this latest money-grab.

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