Budget travelers know not to expect too many frills from most discount airlines. Now, Spirit Airlines has plans to offer their bread and butter customers a little more comfort with wider, comfier seats.

New seat design from Spirit features more padding and width

Beginning in January, Spirit Airlines will roll out a new seat design, with extra padding and an extra half-inch of width. The new seats will also have a headrest and extra knee room. The new design is part of a design overhaul Spirit plans for their cabins.

Did you know Spirit’s middle seats are already wider?

Spirit Airlines has tried to lift the middle seat stigma, by already using a wider middle seat than the aisle and window seats on their airplanes. Spirit Airlines seats are now getting an upgrade.

When can we expect to see the new seats from Spirit?

The new seat design will not be retrofitted for older aircraft, but will be included in the 33 new Airbus A320 aircraft planned for 2023.

The updates extend to passengers who pay to upgrade to Spirit’s premium Big Front Seats, too. Those seats are getting an overhaul as well, including wider seatbacks and more pre-recline.

“Comfort” Making a Comeback in Air Travel?

After years of airlines stripping back extras in economy, could this signal a shift back toward comfort for passengers? While the jury is still out, it does look promising. If Sprit Airlines seats are now a priority, will others follow?

How can you guarantee a comfier seat?

One way for passengers to take advantage of the comfiest seats on the plane is to know exactly what you get before you buy. CheapAir.com’s flight search will let you compare flights, amenities and even seat pitch for flights under consideration.

You can also read our completely unbiased take on which airline has the comfiest seats in Economy. Until every domestic airline upgrades seating, we’ll continue to bring you the best options for Economy comfort. Let us know your thoughts about your favorite air carriers, and what amenities are important to you in the comments below.

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