“Stand Up Seats” getting a little closer to reality

A couple months ago we told you about an idea being floated by the Irish low-cost carrier RyanAir to offer a “standing room only section” on its planes.  Well, now it seems the concept may be catching on and even some U.S. airlines may be interested.

“Stand Up Seats” getting a little closer to reality
Photo courtesy of www.nodeju.com

An Italian company plans to unveil this week a new airplane seat called the “SkyRider” which holds passengers in kind of a half-standing, half-seated position and allows airlines to squeeze in rows with only 23 inches between them.  In theory, airlines would be able to offer a separate “SkyRider” cabin on short-haul flights and charge less money for people who are willing to travel in this manner.

A spokesperson for the company explained: “For flights anywhere from one to possibly even up to three hours this would be comfortable seating.  The seat is like a saddle. Cowboys ride eight hours on their horses during the day and still feel comfortable in the saddle.”

Do you buy that? Have a look below and tell us what you think of the idea.


  1. Are they serious? The health risk and potential liability should out-weigh any projected savings, both in cost and in PR.

  2. i think you will come near having more people with blood clots just for the way you will be positioned for such a long time. this is stupid, have one of the geniouses that thought of this set in one for 3 hrs. he will think twice

  3. Has the same spokesperson for the company ridden three hours in this type of seating or is he just talking out of the side of his neck. Is his last name McGreedy?

  4. i have 3 daughters who love to travel and they fly alot well i would not recomend those seats. they look like they would hurt your knees and you want to be comfertable when you fly right?

  5. they have to be joking????i’m 72 years old with a weak bladder…lol….can you think that i could ride that for 3 hours…yes i want cheaper prices …but not at that price!!!!!!!!!!! some one is nuts..and some have none!!!!!

  6. Ladies and Gentlemen,
    Just because they are available, doesn’t mean you have to buy these seats…but, people will, which is why it will work. For a 60 or so minute flight, I don’t see the harm or the issue. Remember folks, these are for “short” flights. # hour flights isn’t what is being proposed here.

  7. Mr. Rogers: Given the fact that the number of current seats will have to be reduced to add these new seats means that some people will have to choose between flying in these seats or not flying at all, regardless of price. Plus, we all know the more likely scenario will be that prices are increased for “regular” seats rather than being reduced for these seats.

  8. I think it is a great idea. At least it looks like you’d have room for your knees which I don’t have with a regular seat when the one in front of me leans back.

  9. great idea, seriously… it’s no big deal, and if more people are willing to travel like that i imagine it’s bring down the costs of regular seats.
    flying is a means to an end for me not an adventure. i just want to arrive quickly and cheaply and be on my way. But i’m slim and young, so perhaps I have less I need to take into consideration.

  10. Once again we are not being shown the whole picture. The model has been positioned to give us an unobstructed view, now put another model of different size in the row behind her.

  11. My 3 sons and I are between 6’4″ and 6″6”–we are squeezed already esp in commutor jets like the CRJ-700/900 and cannot stand up straight even in the center aisle of many planes. What are the seat widths and comfortable height limits for these seats? My butt to knee cap length is close to 33 inches. These seats don’t look healthy for the prostate or pudendal nerves that feed sensation to the crotch area. A cowboy can shift his weight but a jammed passenger can’t and who will risk a numb penis or clitoris. Seriously…give us a break

  12. Well I like it! All they need to add is the lap bar or the over the shoulder restraints so I dont fall out on my long roller coaster ride!

  13. I ride and this is NOT like using a saddle, a saddle would have more support. The canted forward postiion of the sitter will cause major discomfort to the upper thigh and lower back. Wonder is any of those geniuses have had a lactic acid build up in their muscles. Once again all hail stupidity!

  14. I don’t think so. I will wait for the next thing running. Sorry, but the airlines should consider cutting their costs some other way. They know this wouldn’t work, otherwise they would show a “real” American size 14 lady in the 2nd row. Or how about a “typical” real American sports fan in the 2nd row. Ha! his belly would touch the back seat of the front row! NOT GOING TO WORK ANYWHERE EXCEPT IN ASIA!!

  15. these seats are not being forced on you…if you do not want them, do not buy them..but do not make choices for say a person who may not be able to pay the high regular seat prices…just like television,if you do not like the program do not watch it…get and change the channel, that is better then using a remote

  16. I defintely feel they need a standing area especially for older people, ( Where you can go stand for a few minutes and go back to your seat. ) They cant sit that long, But these seats do not look comfortable at all!

  17. sounds good to me..for the people who say it’s stupid, then buy your seat so you can sit down. but dont take away from other people who wouldn’t mind to stand and save money. They are not forcing you to buy the new seat, they are offering it ..so you make the choice either stand or sit and thats it.

  18. Good one, Mary! They charge luggage by the pound–why not charge passengers?! That’ll keep me and the rest of the population on a well needed diet, hopefully!

  19. How about having the flight attendant measure each passenger’s legs to see how much room they need, then have the seats adjust back or forth for each person? I am only 5’1″ and always have lots of extra room, when my poor husband’s legs can barely fit into many seats.

  20. I am a very large woman, with really bad knees. If I flew like that, they would have to cary me out of the plane. Why don’t they make bunk beds instead! Put 3 or 4 slots on top of each other. NO NO WAIT how about little cages like in Asia? Like the hotels that they have over there. Just think of what they will come up with in 10 years or so. It is truly scary to think of……ANYTHING FOR A BUCK! To hell with the comfort of the people using it. They sit in First class anyways!