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Brexit & International Travel: How the U.K. Leaving the E.U. May Impact Your European Vacation

brexit and travel

As anyone who’s been to the U.K. in the past 30 years or so can tell you, London is lovely, the people are warm and welcoming, the history and architecture are amazing, and boy oh boy is it expensive! Whatever consequences the Brexit decision will bring in the long term, in the short term we already know a few things about how travel to the U.K. will be affected for Americans.

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Backpacking Europe 2016: 10 of the Best Destinations to Visit on a Budget

naples street performers, italy

Are you putting together your itinerary to backpack around Europe this summer? It’s a time-honored tradition for students to make a 3-month trek around the continent, and even on this timetable there’s far more to see than any one person can manage. The travel experts at want to share some of our picks for best budget destinations on the continent this year.

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