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Vacations Without Zika

Hubbard Glacier, Alaska

If you’re planning a vacation and thinking about avoiding travel destinations with the Zika virus, you’re not alone. We’ve put together a shortlist of some unexpected travel destinations as alternatives that will offer you a top-notch travel experience, peace of mind, and won’t break the bank.

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The Top 5 U.S. Destinations of 2016 (with a Twist)

Haleakala national park

For 2016 we’ve given a new twist to a number of smokin’ hot destinations all across the US of A. These cool places will be familiar to many folks, but as you’ll soon see, each one offers unexpected experiences that may just surprise you a bit! Here’s our fresh perspective on killer places to go in 2016 that offer great value for the money as well as a pop of newness!

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