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Best Football Stadiums to Visit Around the U.S. this Fall

football stadiums

Are you ready for some football? For millions of fans around the country the answer to this annual question is a resounding deafening heck yeah! If you’re a super fan, you might even travel with your team. To sweeten the deal, CheapAir is offering a “fan guarantee” this year as a little bit of a consolation prize if you do decide to travel and your team should come up short.

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The Best Beaches in the U.S. for Your Star Sign

south beach, miami, florida

Anyone can choose a beach based on the relaxation levels or water sports available. This year we’ve taken your beach vacay selection to the next level and have carefully curated some amazing beach holidays based on your horoscope. Whether you’re a fire, earth, water or air sign – we’ve got your fun in the sun plans covered!

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