What air travel SNAFU strikes fear into the hearts of even the most veteran of world travelers? Nothing can be worse than the airline losing your bags. And aside from the inconvenience of being on a trip without any of your stuff? It’s maybe even more frustrating to realize you’re completely at the mercy of a huge corporation. The feeling of powerlessness can be as frustrating as the loss itself. We’ve got you, traveler. Take matters into your own hands.

One way to give yourself a little bit of the power back in this stressful situation is to know where your bag is at all times! Here’s how you can keep track of your checked bags at the airport. Get an Airtag and track its location from your phone’s screen!

What is an Airtag and why should I get one for my checked baggage?

Very simply, an Airtag is a small tracking device you can attach to your checked bags. Apple touts the Airtag as a way to “lose your knack for losing things” and it’s a pretty accurate representation of the product’s usefulness. The Airtag is small, simple and easily slips into or onto your bags before you depart. It also conveniently runs on the same technology as Apple’s “Find My” network. The “Find My” network allows you to track your items in real time from your phone. Plus, it’s a very reasonable cost at $29. There’s hardly any downside!

The downside of using an Airtag

If there is a drawback to using an Airtag, it is this. You do have to have an iPhone, since the Airtag technology works exclusively with the “Find My” network. There are other trackers out there that work on Android devices – but do make sure that the airlines accept it on flights. Luggage tracking devices powered by lithium metal cells that have 0.3 grams or less of lithium can be used on checked baggage, and some other,larger trackers have more.

Also, a lot of people prefer to attach their Airtag to the outside of their bag. If this sounds like you, you’ll need to purchase an accessory to do so. There are many affordable options on Amazon.

What happens if the airline does lose my bag? Can an Airtag help get it back?

Not exactly. At the moment, the best you can do is identify where the bag has gone. But that’s infinitely better than not knowing whether your bag is in Berlin or Bangkok, while you’re in Banff. And we think it does give you a little extra backup when negotiating with the airlines. Happy travels!

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