Every airline offers a unique set of amenities and services. Depending on your travel personality and specific set of needs, there’s probably a best airline that caters to your preferences.

The Best Airline for Every Type of Traveler

The Best Airline for Adventure Travelers

If you have to ask yourself if you’re an adventure traveler, you’re probably not. Those of us who never leave home without their surfboard, mountain bike or snowboard however – that person needs an airline that caters to your gear.

Though American and JetBlue do a pretty good job, no one tops Southwest Airline’s simple and generous sports equipment policy. Southwest gives its customers 2 free bags in any class of service. But even better? As your bag is less than 50 pounds and 62 linear inches, it can count as one of your two free checked bags.

A Great Airline for the Budget Traveler

For the budget traveler, there’s one airline that stands head and shoulders above the rest. Southwest offers the ultimate in domestic budget travel flight. What’s most impressive about Southwest is the number of included services. All Southwest flights include:

    • A carry-on and personal item
    • Two free checked bags
    • Snacks and non-alcoholic beverages
    • No change fees
    • Streaming entertainment to your own device
    • Free seat selection with no pre-assigned seating
    • Boarding order determined by check-in time

An Airline for the Tech Savvy

This category is pretty straightforward, mainly because there aren’t any airlines that knock technology out of the park. However, of the airlines that offer WiFi (important for tech geeks), JetBlue stands out for being the only airline to offer the service for free. Most of the other domestic airlines offer Wifi for a fee.

Best Airline for Party People

The only airline currently offering complimentary beer and spirits on domestic flights outside of Business Class is Delta. Delta offers Premium Economy guests complimentary alcohol.

Best Airline for Sleeping (Lie Flat Seats on Domestic Flights)

While lie-flat seats are common on long-haul international flights, they’re still limited on domestic flights. Delta, United, and American offer lie-back seats for some transcontinental flights for Business Class customers, and JetBlue offers the same in its Mint Class of service.

A Perfect Airline for Families

Every traveling parent has their own favorite, but for our money, we’ll go with JetBlue. Here’s a roundup of the top reasons it’s the best airline for family travel. JetBlue has more standard legroom than other airlines, which is great when you’re traveling with a lap child. JetBlue also has free wifi and entertainment at every seat – a must for keeping children amused. There’s live tv options, as well as kids channels like Nickelodeon and Animal Planet. You also get free in-flight snacks – which kiddos love. Make sure to buy the Blue fare rather than Blue Basic – which does not include seat assignments or a baggage allowance.

The Ideal Airline for Pet Owners

Want to travel with your dog, your cat, rabbit or even your bird? The best airline for you (and your critters) is Alaska Airlines. The airline charges a flat $100 per carrier (you can bring 2 pets per carrier), and you may actually travel with up to four pets. Frontier also offers a pretty good experience ($99 fee with a wide range of allowable animals), but limits you to 1 pet per flight.

We like to offer you options over here at CheapAir.com based on your personal preferences. You can always break down exactly what is included in our easy flight search interface.  We also compiled a short post to show which seat location on the plane might be best for your personality.

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