Anyone can choose a beach based on the relaxation levels or water sports available. This year we’ve taken your beach vacay selection to the next level and have carefully curated some amazing beach holidays based on your horoscope. Whether you’re a fire, earth, water or air sign – we’ve got your fun in the sun plans covered!

south beach, miami, florida

If You’re a Leo You Might Enjoy South Beach, Miami, Florida
The Zodiac’s flashy and extravagant show ponies, Leos love life. Whether they’re relaxing, partying or dining – more, more, more is the name of the game and Leos do nothing halfway. For the sign that relishes being the center of attention, you’ve got to pick a spot where people watching is the main spectator sport. There’s really only one place to be if that’s the criteria – the “see and be seen” atmosphere of Miami’s South Beach. During the day, you can bask in the sun and at night head out to some of the toniest and delectable dining and nightclub options found anywhere stateside.

big sur, california

If You’re a Sagittarius, You Might Like Big Sur, California
Freedom-loving Sagittarians need wide open spaces and maximum opportunities to get out into nature. Since traveling to new places, exploring new things, and a general sense of adventure is the Sag calling card, you’ve got to love a destination like Big Sur for the Archer. The beaches are not the miles-wide, white sand variety you’ve come to identify through countless beach movies about California but there’s a sense of wildness, an untamed beauty in Big Sur that is unparalleled and the hiking is world class. From camping to yurt “glamping” to luxurious hotels, there’s an accommodations style for everyone in this stunning part of the state.

waikiki beach, honolulu, hawaii

If You’re an Aries, You Might Enjoy Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii
The hallmark of an ideal Aries vacation is high energy—this sign is the epitome of the maxim live hard, play hard. The Aries penchant for unsurpassed vitality and curiosity (not to mention their competitive nature) makes a surf holiday a natural fit. And if you’re going to learn to surf, you can’t go wrong by learning where it all started. The birthplace of surfing is still the best spot to learn the sport, with small and consistent waves year-round. There are many great surf schools to get you hangin’ ten, but a classic choice is the Hans Hedemann Surf School.

Coronado Island, California

Are You a Taurus? Try Coronado Island, San Diego, California
A Taurus enjoys all of the sensual pleasures to their fullest. The classic Taurus lives for luxury and has often worked hard to enjoy the finer things in life. Taurus does not like to be rushed, and can be maddeningly slow to decide on where he or she wants to go on vacation. For this reason, we’re choosing a vacation spot that ticks all of the Taurus’ boxes no matter how indecisive: Coronado Island is removed from the San Diego’s hustle and bustle and offers old-school elegance and wealth. Stay at the Hotel del Coronado for the history and service that befits the zodiac’s king. When you need a change of pace, San Diego proper is just over the bridge and has fine dining to suit the most discerning palate, as well as all of the amenities and activities befitting a major metropolis.

santa barbara beach, california

Are you a Gemini? You Might Love the White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara, CA
Geminis are known to be adventurous, social animals, who love to meet new people and have a curious, effervescent, and contagious point of view. Something of the zodiac’s spiritual seekers, a Gemini often finds his or herself in the presence of gurus and new experiences. Give the Gemini in your life the gift of a beach yoga retreat in one of the most beautiful and relaxing beach communities in southern California, Santa Barbara. The White Lotus Foundation offers year-round yoga retreats and teacher trainings. You can’t beat the serene surroundings and inspiring daily schedule. Namaste, Gemini.

brewster, cape cod, massachusetts

Are you a Cancer? You Might Enjoy the Town of Brewster in Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Loyal, family oriented Cancer is a traditionalist at heart and so nothing will please a Cancer more than planning a vacation with those they love all around them. Cape Cod is just a Cancer’s speed and style, and Brewster is perhaps the most quaint of all Cape Cod options. Ride your rental bike through town, sit under an umbrella and watch the world go by. You’re not going to come off this holiday feeling like you missed out on anything and you will have loads of time to bond with your fam.

fort myers, florida

Is Virgo Your Star Sign? You Might Enjoy Fort Myers Beach, Florida
One of the main characteristics of a Virgo is their ability to multitask, almost obsessively and often to their personal detriment. So if you can force yourself to slow down and unplug, a perfect vacation option for a Virgo is to leave it all behind and just be still. Our pick for an ideal spot to set your work aside and chill? Fort Myers Beach, Florida. We’ve even selected a fantastic hotel for you to peruse – the Lover’s Key. It’s secluded, romantic, you can watch wild manatees and dolphins from your guest room (really!) and the proprietors want you to know that WiFi is spotty at best, so don’t plan on working ½ time. Sounds perfect.

stinson beach, san francisco, california

Are you a Libra? You Might Like San Francisco, California
Harmony and peace is key to making this sign happy. When things are balanced, then there is harmony. Most Libras enjoy physical exercise that involves a mental component, such as long distance running, or yoga. Like a classic Taurus, a Libra can be indecisive which stems from their constant inner recalibration. This is actually not that tough a nut to crack. You just need to choose a destination with options, and San Francisco fits the bill. San Francisco has more than 59 miles of shoreline and it’s a runner’s paradise. Ocean Beach has 3.5 miles of running bliss alone, and plenty of other activities to partake in like cycling, surfing and paddle boarding. Don’t forget that San Francisco also has 220 parks that include more than 30 miles of off-road hiking. If this isn’t enough, remember that San Francisco is the nation’s second most walkable city (second only to New York) and the dining and accommodation is varied enough to suit every taste and budget.

the florida keys

Are you a Scorpio? The Florida Keys Might Be Right Up Your Alley
The most passionate and emotional sign is most suited to a classic romantic getaway and have we got a spot for you! Little Palm Island in the Florida Keys will have you feeling looked after and cocooned in romantic luxury. The Florida Keys give the uninitiated an almost immediate feeling of otherworldly fantasy and the private resort island of Little Palms takes that feeling and amplifies it times 10. The all-inclusive nature and affordability of the dining options take decision-making out of your hands, all so you can just relax and enjoy one another’s company. Children under 16 are not permitted at all. Bring your Scorpio honey and leave the kids with a sitter.

the hamptons, new york

Are you a Capricorn? You’re Going to Love the Hamptons, New York
Capricorns are goal oriented and driven to succeed. They will work long and hard hours so it is no wonder that many Capricorns are so successful in their careers. Since achievement is everything to a Capricorn, there’s really no other beach destination that can match the Hamptons. There’s really something for every type of vacationer in the Hamptons – but you’ll want to do your homework and get the lay of the land before splashing out on a vacation rental that will set you back a very pretty penny. Summering in the Hamptons is a rite of passage for Manhattanites, with younger professionals partying with friends into the wee hours at the clubs, more settled families hanging out in the beach communities of East and Southampton, and the old guard who have estates along the water just keeping to themselves as much as they can. It’s a fascinating microcosm of life – and Capricorns will love to aspire to the Hamptons’ greatness.

nantucket island, massachusetts

Are you an Aquarius? Nantucket Island in Massachusetts May Be Your Cup of Tea
Connection is at the core of this sign. A man carrying a pitcher of water is the symbol for this sign because Aquarians are often generous with their time and resources. They are interested and have a deep concern for the welfare of others. Sounds like the kind of person that could use some pampering and rest! Nantucket Island is a classic, old school luxury destination, known for not being showy but nevertheless offers low-key refinement. It’s also a family-friendly enclave, so you can bring your littles with you and know that they’ll be welcomed wherever you go. It’s a bit of a throwback to a simpler time – relax on the pretty beaches and dine on local fare like the ubiquitous fried clams and lobster rolls.

laguna beach, california

Are you a Pisces? We Think You Might Like Laguna Beach, California
Pisces are the zodiac’s caretakers, creative souls with rich and varied inner lives. Pisces tend to be dreamers and are happiest when those around them are happy as well. One dreamy beach destination that has long attracted creative types is Laguna Beach, California. Galleries and artists pepper the landscape (you can often catch artists with their easels along the bluffs overlooking the cliffs), but there are also annual festivals like the Pageant of the Masters, a spectacle of performance at, arguably one of the most unique in the world. The Pageant of the Masters caps off the Laguna Festival of the Arts and is best described as a 90 minute show of “living pictures,” whereby models recreate classic works of art, posing to faithfully represent their masterpiece counterparts. Trust us. It’s worth the price of admission.

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