The Best European Cities for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. The day that makes every woman’s heart flutter and (almost) every man’s sink. As a spoken-for lady, I wait in anticipation for Valentine’s Day. It’s the ultimate opportunity to shun roses and chocolates, book some time off work and escape reality with your one and only (even if it’s only a short trip).

Although I’m a lover of exploring new places, I do like to revisit places that hold a place in my heart and where better to spend Valentine’s Day than somewhere you’ve been to before and love? Here are some European cities I’ve visited before and would love to see again for Valentine’s Day.

Budapest, Hungary

The Best European Cities for Valentine’s Day

The Hungarian capital is the perfect destination for a romantic Valentine’s getaway. Budapest is famed for its many world class spas and bathhouses as a result of the hot water springs that are located in that region of the world. I found soaking in these natural waters to be a relaxing and revitalizing experience, perfect for any couple wanting to just sit and enjoy each others company, it’s amazing how much time you can pass.

When wandering around the city streets, I couldn’t help but marvel at the wonderful architecture. Highlights included Heroes Square, the Great Synagogue and the stunning Royal Palace. I found that absorbing these breathtaking scenes with my partner added an extra sense of closeness on the trip, as we both knew these were once in a lifetime views. They also make fantastic memories and a lovely photograph to frame.

Bruges, Belgium

Bruges is the ideal city destination throughout the entirety of winter, but especially on Valentine’s Day. On my travels, I have rarely found a place so suited for a couple, with its world-class reputation for chocolate doing no harm. Bruges contains no less than 49 chocolate boutiques and its very own Chocolate Museum, which is the perfect for the Valentine’s romantic. Gobbling some of the best and most beautifully decorated chocolates in the world is certainly not a bad way to while away the hours with your partner.

The only problem I encountered was that I traveled by boat, so too much chocolate didn’t bode well for sea sickness. But Bruges also has plenty of other things to do. As a beer lover I found that their range of fruit beers exciting, while my other half tackled a Duvel (at 8.5% and translating to “Devil” in English it’s no mean feat!).

Venice, Italy

Unquestionably, the most romantic city I’ve ever been to is Venice. Of course, the first thing on my checklist to do was to sail down the Grand Canal in a gondola. This was possibly one of the most romantic experiences of my life, drifting along the emerald waters of Venice at twilight. There are plenty of other romantic activities to do when exploring the Floating City. I greatly enjoyed St. Mark’s Square in the heart of the city, as it contained some of the most beautiful and fascinating buildings I have ever come across: St Mark’s Basilica, the Campanile and the Doge’s Palace. For those that like to simply enjoy each others’ company and absorb the local culture, I recommend taking a stroll through the backstreets of the city. Here I found quaint, picturesque houses, inhabited by charming locals, set against the backdrop of a clear, bright sky. For me, this is the ideal way to enjoy the perfect Valentine’s Day.

Stephanie Staszko is a travel blogger for Manchester-based airport parking MF Airport Parking and loves to indulge in skiing throughout the winter months.

Where do you want to be whisked off to this Valentine’s?

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