It used to be as reliable as Tax Day. Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving – the peak travel day to depart for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. It had the highest airfares, high demand, and the most crushing crowds. Then, something happened.

What happened to flights the day before Thanksgiving?

Quietly, suddenly other days have become more popular. An analysis of CheapAir flight data shows that, for the first time, the day before Thanksgiving is now cheaper relative to other travel days and eclipsed by higher airfares on the Friday and Saturday the weekend before Thanksgiving.

The nation’s local news will probably broadcast scenes of crowds live from airports around the country on Thanksgiving Eve, but travel behavior, as demonstrated by this new airfare trend, has changed.

Longer Thanksgiving trips are in fashion, thus taking the pressure off the all-important ‘day before Thanksgiving’ flight. Likely driven by the increased flexibility of remote work, and an increase in some school districts going on break for the entire week.

Goodbye to the days of Thanksgiving Eve air travel domination!

Extra Insight

Here are some of the cheapest days to travel for Thanksgiving.

Cheapest Thanksgiving flight departure days:

Monday, November 20

Tuesday, November 21

Wednesday, November 22

Cheapest Thanksgiving flight return days:

Friday, November 24

Tuesday, November 28

For more up-to-date trends visit the Holiday Flights page.

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